Which career to choose if you want to earn a lot of money?

September 18, 2013,
Which career to choose if you want to earn a lot of money?

If you want to earn a lot of money you should probably start your own Mint. That way you will be able to print as many notes as you like whenever you want! That you may be jailed for economic fraud and the currency you would have printed would not be worth anything in the world market is a minor thing you may want to consider. That was meant to be sarcastic in case you are taking the proposition seriously. :-)


Is money everything?


Money is an important motivational factor in a career but it is not the be-all and end-all of it. One cannot expect to earn a lot of money right from the start of one’s career but if you have chosen the right career path nothing can stop you from earning your due. There may be careers that appear high paying but if you are not the right person for the job your career path is likely to end even before it begins. More importantly, working will seem like an ordeal rather than something which can be enjoyed. Chances are that you may lose interest and ultimately drop out.


Begin right


It all starts with beginning early and beginning right. Many of us are born knowing what our chosen field of work is, a lot of us have family businesses as a natural career choice but most of us do not give our career a thought until we are facing the prospect of going to work. By then we probably have chosen the wrong course, are applying for the wrong jobs and there are only so many choice available to us.


Have you noticed that while some people seem to drag themselves to work while others revel in discussing what they do? While some dread Sunday evenings because it means an impending work week there are others who begin planning their work week ahead. While some seem to effortlessly breeze through their work there are others who seem to take a lot of effort and time in the simplest of tasks?


The key is to recognize our strengths and work towards honing them so that we are ready for the job market when it is time. The more well-suited you are for the job, the better you will perform, and therefore, the better are your chances of moving through the ranks and get to a senior position with an even better pay package.


If you are confident of your work, it will show. People who are good at their work are likely to take up more challenges, innovate and tend to get noticed among the crowd. Success is the natural fallout.


Play to your strengths


Too good to be true?! Well it is true. It all begins with a small step – understanding your strengths. All of us are born with something that we are inherently good at. Ever wondered why someone is so good at striking up a conversation with anyone they meet while others fumble with words, why someone can easily handle complicated repairs in household appliances while others struggle to even change a bulb. It is because all of us have an aptitude to do something better than other things. It is for us to recognize our aptitude and play to our strengths. But how does one know what they are good at?


Aptitude tests help us recognize our strengths. It will be beneficial for you to know more about the different types of aptitudes.


Once you know your strength/s all you need is the right career advice on possible professions that you are likely to do well in. After that, it is a matter of choosing the right courses which you are bound to do well in because they match your aptitude and the right job which is not far away.


All of us have that one Maths/English etc teacher from school who we remember even today. Chances are that you do not remember because she was good looking or because she gave you better grades but because she made the classes seem so much fun! Not all of us are as lucky to find a job that we love, especially if we leave it to chance. So find yourself a job you love and the money will flow. Take that aptitude test and get some good career advice.


If you are the right person for the job, growth, handsome remuneration, increments and better offers are all a matter of time.


And if I have been able to convince you to think seriously about your career path then I am the right person for my job. ;-)


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