Do you need aptitude to become the best photographer?

December 18, 2013,
Do you need aptitude to become the best photographer?

A famous phrase goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Some pictures leave an incredible imprint on our minds and stay with us forever. They come to symbolize a world of ideas. And it takes a person with passion to achieve something of this nature.

Photography is a profession that requires an eye for detail and the skill to capture it.

The days of the manual SLRs are past us and today we have digital SLRs which combine the advantages of SLR cameras with advancement in digital technology. So while the equipment for capturing an object/person in a frame has grown by leaps and bounds and can be mastered even by someone with some interest in the field, the eye for detail is still a trait that the photographer, with passion for the profession, brings to the table.  

In recent times, photography has become very specialized. While a photographer still needs to possess basic skills, each specialization requires some additional skill sets. For instance a fashion photographer has to put up with odd-working hours and celebrity tantrums perhaps, a wildlife photographer may have to deal with adverse living conditions in his/her quest, a photojournalist will have to develop a news sense and so on.

Staying at the top of any profession requires skill, interest and hard work. If one tends to rest on one’s laurels because s/he has achieved something in his/her field, then there is only so far that the person can go. 

So if I am asked if aptitude is what makes a good photographer the best, I would say it requires more than that – the aptitude of course, but also the passion for work, the ability to adapt oneself to changing times and requirements and the dedication to give the best to one’s work. Why photography, I think it is true for any profession.

On the flip side, nowadays you see many-a-people picking up a camera and calling themselves a photographer. They work hard at it, have the passion, ability to adapt, as well as the dedication. But no matter how much effort they might put in, their photographs just don't seem to come out good enough! Is there some secret science behind it? Or should they blame their bad luck?

The science of course is their aptitude. It is important that a person must have high spatial aptitude as well as a highly creative personality for them to be a good photographer. But how does one really figure out on their own whether they have spatial aptitude and creative personality or not? The key lies with aptitude test and personality assessment. It is important that every individual analyzes their inherent strengths, vis-à-vis their aptitudes and personality before taking the plunge into any given career.

So if you really want to pursue a career as a photographer, be sure to take an online aptitude assessment and a personality assessment to ascertain your inherent strengths.


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