What Is Your Personality And Aptitude? Your Personality And Aptitude Make You Unique

April 17, 2013,
What Is Your Personality And Aptitude? Your Personality And Aptitude Make You Unique

Are we really born the same as everyone else or are we different? Well this is a question that has intrigued a lot of people. Today, a lot of research in neurosciences suggests that we indeed are born different. So what is it that makes us unique and how does it really matter, even if we are unique?

What makes us unique is the way we are wired in terms of our Personality and Aptitude.

What are Aptitudes?

Well aptitude is our Inborn Talents that help us in learning or doing certain tasks or activities. Aptitudes cannot be learnt and they get fixed by the age of fourteen. Behavioral Scientists believe that there are essentially seven types of Aptitudes. They are:- Mechanical, Numerical, Abstract, Linguistic, Spatial, Operational and Verbal.

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There's another thing that makes us unique and that is our Personality.

What is Personality?

Personality is an often miss-understood word. Personality is definitely not the way we look or dress ourselves up. Rather, personality is the behavior that we display under different circumstances. Some of us are out-going, some of us are quite and reserved. Some of us are strong-minded and some of us give in quite easily to emotional situations. All these are reflections of our Personality.

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So, to summarize, it is the Personality - Aptitude mix that makes each one of us different from the other. Now, having understood that each one is differently wired and is unique, what do we do about it?

This fact that each one of us has a different "Strength Profile" is very helpful in selecting and knowing what subjects to choose and what career choices to make. It is a well established fact that those who operate out of their Strengths are usually the most successful ones. So once we pick our subject streams and career choices based on our "Inherent Strengths" mapped in terms of our Aptitudes and Personality, then one achieves higher career success.

Having said this, the intention is not to challenge the fact that "nothing is impossible" for any human being and that "what one man can achieve, so can the other". The only point is that "what is very easily achievable for one man may be achieved with some greater difficulty by the other". So if the "other" makes an effort in the areas which is as per his / her "Inherent Strengths" then he/she would be able to achieve the same objective much more easily than the output one may have achieved in the first activity or task.

Now, how does one truly figure out ones' own "Strength Profile"? Well, years of research in the field of behavioral sciences has helped formulate Psychometric Test that can correctly identify the individual's Aptitudes and Personalities.

All one needs is correct career guidance and career counseling to be able to make sense of what our aptitude and personality is and how we can use it to our advantage.




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