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Choosing the right course after 12th is extremely important decision that students have to take. It is important because the right course after 12th can lead to a rewarding career right after completion or may become a basis for post graduation course. It is also a difficult decision because there are so many good options which are available these days but we do not know which is good for us. The decision to choose the course after 12th becomes even more difficult if you want to change the stream that you took in class 11th as many students opt for science stream just to keep a lot of options open or choose a particular stream under pressure or influence. To take help of our expert Career Counsellor Dr Anubhuti Sehgalin finding out which course will be good for you can call +91-9650338746 or 0124 4084211


What factors you should consider to choose the best courses after 12th ?


There are some factors that we must consider to choose the best course after 12th and the first step is to know what course options are available. Here we are listing various available courses after 12th after every stream. After you have explored these courses you can zero in based on your strengths (Read Aptitudes and Personality) and preferences. It is important to check your eligibility for various courses before you apply but it is more important to check your fitness for these courses. An aptitude test is usually a very good tool to know about your strengths and how well they match with your course/career choice. Going through the course details and syllabus of a reputed university/ college can also help you in making the decision. Visiting the campus of your preferred college and talking to seniors who are pursuing that course can also be very helpful in making the right choice.


Many times you will get a conflicting feedback on your preferred course/ college and it is here you must take help of a career counselor and make the right choice. Here is a list of various courses that you can pursue after different streams.

1. Courses after 12th Science Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Courses after 12th Biology ) [Expand/Collpase]

  1. MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  2. BHMS Bachelor of Homeopathy medicine and Surgery
  3. BAMS Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine Surgery
  4. BUMS Bachelor of Unani medicine and Surgery
  5. BDS- Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  6. B.Sc and AH-  Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
  7. B.Sc- Genetics 
  8. B.Sc Microbiology- Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
  9. B.Sc Biotechnology- Bachelor of science in Biotechnology
  10. B.Sc Bio Chemistry- Bachelor of science in Bio Chemistry
  11. B Sc Bio Medical Science
  12. B.Sc Nursing
  13. B PT- Bachelor in Physio Therapy
  14. B Pharm- Bachelor in Pharmacy
  15. B Sc Agriculture- Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  16. B.Sc. Horticulture
  17. B.Sc Environmental Science- Bachelor of science in Environmental Science
  18. B F.Sc- Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences
  19. B.Sc MLT- Bachelor in Medical Technology
  20. B.Sc Occupational Therapists
  21. B.Sc. Audiology
  22. Speech and Language Pathology
  23. B. Sc Radiography
  24. B.Sc. Rehabiliation Therapy
  25. B.Sc. Food Technology
  26. B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics
  27. B.Sc Botany
  28. B.Sc Zoology
  29. B.Sc Anthroplogy
  30. B.Sc Home Science

2. Courses after 12th Science Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (Courses after 12th PCM ) [Expand/Collpase]

3. Courses after 12th Commerce [Expand/Collpase]

  1. CA- Chartered  Accountancy
  2. B Com- Bachelor in Commerce
  3. BFIA- Bachelor in Financial and Investment Analysis
  4. BBA- Bachelor of business administration
  5. Bachelor in Advertising
  6. Bachelor in Journalism and Mass communication
  7. Bachelor in Hotel Management
  8. Bachelor in Elementary Education
  9. Bachelor in Economics
  10. Bachelor in Event Management
  11. Bachelor in Fashion Design
  12. Bachelor in Apparel Design
  13. Bachelor in Graphic Design
  14. BCom LLB
  15. Bachelor in Computer Application
  16. Bachelor in Animation and Graphics
  17. Bachelor in Interior Design
  18. Bachelor in Architecture
  19. Bachelor in Mass Media
  20. Bachelor in Public Relations
  21. Bachelor in Retail Management
  22. Bachelor in Statistics
  23. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism.

4. Courses after 12th Humanities/ Arts [Expand/Collpase]

  1. BA- Bachelor of Arts
  2. BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts
  3. BA LLB - Bachelor of arts and Bachelor of Law
  4. BA Journalism & Mass Communication
  5. BBA- Bachelor of business administration
  6. Bachelor in Advertising
  7. Bachelor in Journalism and Mass communication
  8. Bachelor in Hotel Management
  9. Bachelor in Elementary Education
  10. Bachelor in Economics
  11. Bachelor in Event Management
  12. Bachelor in Fashion Design
  13. Bachelor in Apparel Design
  14. Bachelor in Graphic Design
  15. Bachelor in Interior Design
  16. Bachelor in Psychology
  17. Bachelor in Public Relations
  18. Bachelor in Retail Management
  19. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism.
  20. Bachelor in History
  21. Bachelor in Political Science
  22. Bachelor in Geography

5. Courses after 12th Any Stream There are many courses after 12th which do not require any specific stream or subject combination. One can choose from a variety of professional courses after 12th or vocational courses after 12th and make a career. [Expand/Collpase]

  1. 5 years integrated LLB (BA LLB / B Com LLB )
  2. BA Journalism & Mass Communication
  3. Bachelor in Hotel Management
  4. BBA/ BMS
  5. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism
  6. Bachelor in Fashion Design
  7. Bachelor in Textile Design
  8. Bachelor in Interior Design
  9. Bachelor in Accessory Design
  10. Bachelor in Graphic Design
  11. B EL Ed- Bachelor in Elementary Education
  12. Integrated BA MA in Developmental Studies
  13. Bachelor in English / Foreign Language
  14. Bachelor in psychology
  15. B. Lib.- Bachelor of Library Sciences
  16. B SW- Bachelor of Social work
  17. B P.Ed- Bachelor in Physical Education
  18. Diploma in Elementary Education


So we can see that there are many choices and making a decision is not easy. Experts in this field believe that if you choose an area where your strengths match you will achieve success.

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