What Is The Best Career After 10 Years

December 6, 2013,
What Is The Best Career After 10 Years

Come class 8 or class 9 and the discussion in the average Indian household is centered on streams, subjects, courses and careers. Visitors to the home are keenly watchful of the careers they are into or their children are pursuing and information from all sources is collected and discussed. Many students come up with questions like tell me what will be the “ In Thing” after 10 years (4 years in school and 6 years in college)and that course I will also do which will lead to that career. For example Robots are being used in many diverse fields like in manufacturing many types of products and how will they evolve in next 10 years we do not know. Or like nanotechnology is taking the world by storm who knows in ten years what new technology will come and start shaking the world.

We are in information age and 5 years is considered a long duration, even big countries publish annual labour reports and talk about employment outlook for a year or 2 years. So it is really difficult to predict which careers will do best after 10 years? Even if we predict the careers, with what confidence level are we predicting the future careers with 10 years horizon ??

So rather than putting our energies in predicting what will happen in future or we should put our energies in preparing ourselves for the unpredictable world of work.

Conventional wisdom says that no body and nothing can take away our education and skills from us. But industries are changing and life is moving at a very fast pace, so we should prepare ourselves for future careers and fields by building on our education and skills. So essentially we should leverage on what we have. A 14 year old has potential to learn, will to do something and dreams for future. …..we should help our youngsters to discover what they can learn best. A scientific and reliable Aptitude test and personality test can be of great help in choosing the right direction and at the same time keeping the flexibility to build a career around it.




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