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Jobs after class 12th

Grit the Mantra of success

Some students may be interested in getting jobs after class 12th / jobs after class X. Here we have listed the various exams and other options which can lead to jobs after class 12th. The options have been categorized on the basis of exam conducting authority. The students can get more information about these options from the respective institution’s website.

Exams conducted by UPSC

Since time immemorial humans are in search of that one material which can turn any metal into gold. Since that time only humans are also in search of the mantra for success. While looking for this success mantra one found IQ in 1912 and it was believed that if one has more IQ one would be more successful. A lot was written about the concept and some employees also started using IQ tests for employee selection but after a few years it was found that only IQ was not the sure shot mantra of performance and perhaps something more was needed. Then in 1980-90 things turned towards EQ.


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Are you ready for changing field of careers ?

Career options with mathematics

If you look back and compare last decade with earlier times you can very clearly see that a lot has changed in the field of careers. On one side a lot of colleges have come up that provide B Tech / MBA like professional degrees and on the other side the myth has been broken that degree is enough to get you a job. International financial downturn has enhanced unemployment a lot. According to International Labour Organization estimates International un employment figure touched 210 Million by 2014. In 2016 the figure has definitely increased.

Good to know that you took mathematics in class 12th as this could turn out be a huge blessing in disguise.


Don’t think that mathematics is all about solving complex problems in class, mathematics can help you in many professions. Let me explain. Mathematics apart from being a very good subject opens up a lot of career options for you. Depending on whether you had mathematics with science subjects or commerce or humanities you can choose from a wide range of courses.



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Career Success and Mentor

If you scored low marks in class 12th

It is said that “A mentor is someone whose hind sight can become your foresight”. In other words a mentor is a person who is senior and who provides guidance and assistance to a junior or mentee.


Why do we need a mentor?

If you scored low marks in class 12th ( or are expecting low marks ) then do not panic as there are still some very good course options that you can explore and that have a successful career. While it is true that many universities use class 12th marks as a selection criteria and a couple of entrance exams give weightage to it but there are still many professional courses that you can opt for.


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class 12th marks weightage in engineering admissions

What to do after B Arch

Every year almost 13 lakh students write the engineering entrance exam JEE Mains and authorities are consistently making efforts to make the system smooth and transparent. The efforts made by the government and authorities are welcome and are appreciable but on the other hand my heart goes out to the parents and students who get impacted in process. Many of these changes have created a lot of pain for these lakhs of students and parents who are often caught off guard and have to struggle to adjust to the changes.

If you have completed your B Arch or are about to complete and are thinking what to do after B Arch, you can benefit by this blog. First of all you have plenty of options like going for M Arch, MBA, Construction Management, M Design, Job or other professional courses. It all depends on your inherent capability ( Read Aptitude ) and interests. For example


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Careers and Courses after B Com

Undergraduate course in finance

Are you doing B Com? Have you done B Com and are wondering what career/ courses after B Com will be best for you then read on.  

There are many students who are interested in making a career in the field of finance and accounting. While for accounting many courses are available there are very few undergraduate courses that are available in the field of finance. One such course is Bachelor in Financial and Investment Analysis (BFIA).  University of Delhi offers this course called BFIA. This is a specialized program offered for students interested in pursuing a career in finance and related fields.


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Career and Educational Opportunities in Renewable Energy in India

How to become an entrepreneur

India just like other countries is witnessing huge demand for energy. At the same time there is pressure to reduce emissions from fossil fuels and to move towards cleaner technologies and renewable sources of energy. Government of India is focusing on this sector and in private sector also there are some good players who are doing their bit in this direction. For India to make significant progress in this area it is important that people consider this as a career option and competent people enter the renewable energy industry.

To be an entrepreneur seems to be the buzz word now. We come across students as young as 13-14 with a dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Leading news papers almost on a daily basis publish reports of successful ventures and how people form top institutes are ditching cosy jobs and are turning entrepreneurs.


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BA Eco Hons vs BBE

Delhi University offers two very good courses related to economics at undergraduate level. Both the courses are of three year duration. While admission to BA Eco Hons is through the class 12th marks one has to appear for an admission test for admission to BBE. For both BA Eco Hons and BBE, English and Mathematics at class 12th is compulsory. Both the courses lead to many good career options. Like after BBE you can go for MBE or can go for MBA in finance or can go for Masters in Finance and control (MFC offered by Delhi University).

The notification for JEE main 2015 is out so lets understand JEE Main 2015 better.


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Study Abroad

Career Myths

Whether to study abroad or in India is a big question and many students struggle to find answer to this question. To study abroad as an option comes very naturally especially if one has travelled abroad a lot or parents are frequent fliers to different countries. Also with cutoffs touching 100% and ever increasing competition in various courses one does get attracted to study abroad options.

We all have our own set of assumptions about careers and parents, friends, teachers, media etc play a vital role in setting up of these assumptions. We may work with some career assumptions which in the long run become Career Myths and they might hold us back. Career Myths may also lead us to dismiss some good career options which not only match with your strengths but also pay well.


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career counseling after 12th

Career after CFA

College admissions after 12th have just gotten over and like every year we met a lot of confused parents and students who came to Mapmytalent for career counseling after 12th. While many were very serious and had already planned for some career options and came to seek help as to which of the choices was best suited, there were quite a few who were rather casual.

CFA Charter is globally recognized and CFA is one of the routes you can take to make a successful career in finance and investments.  Although CFA is not a mandatory to begin your career in fields like investment banking, Corporate Finance or in Private equity but if you are planning for asset management, equity research or hedge funds then it wil


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Improve concentration

Career in GIS

You get sleepy while you are studying? It is difficult for you to concentrate on what you are studying? You day dream while studying? Your mind travels from one thing to other? You get distracted easily?  You are not able to focus on what you are studying? Sounds familiar ….Chances are that you are lacking concentration and thus are not able to study better. Just like you many students find it difficult to concentrate but before you start worrying, know that this can be improved. In this blog we will talk about how to improve concentration.

Geo Spatial technologies are now widely used in many industries and the interest of students is also increasing in the field of GIS. With GIS one can visualize, analyze and interpret geographic data for various uses. Whether it is decisions about locations like site selection, conservation or improving efficiencies in fleet movements or natural resource extraction there are many benefits of using GIS.


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Should I drop 1 year after 12th

Career in Business Analytics

Should I drop 1 year after 12th …This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the career/ course related discussions around this time of the year. Lakhs of students appear in JEE or PMT or other entrance exams and a few thousand get selected. The rest think about dropping a year either to get the college of their choice or to get into the course of their choice.

Are you  a details person with ability to interpret graphs, charts, algorithms ? Are you an alternative solution provider ? Are you a person who has analytical mind and has the capability to work on analytical and statistical tools like SPSS, SAS, Hadoop, and techniques like correlation , regression, calculus?


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Rank in JEE main but not enough for JEE Advanced ….what to do now

Should i change my stream after 12th

So you have got rank in JEE Main but not good enough to make it for JEE advance and now wondering what to do???What will happen to my engineering dreams? etc. Well, I would take it as a positive, as you still have many options to choose from. 

The answer is a big “YES” if by change of stream you can improve your career prospects.  Steve Jobs in 2005 Stanford Commencement address had said, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.


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Medical Entrance Exam 2014

Career in wildlife

Just like every year many students are looking forward to doing well and getting selected in Medical Entrance Exam 2014. MBBS or Career as a Doctor is one of the preferred choice of students and securing a seat in MBBS course in Medical college in India is not easy.  There are around 270 medical colleges in India that offer a little more than 35,000 seats.

If you passionate about the rich wildlife of India and want to work for its conservation there are some  courses that you can do and contribute to this cause by opting for a career in wildlife biology and conservation.

Here are some of the good courses offered by Top Colleges of India


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Plan career after 12th

Advertising career

If you have not yet planned your career here are some pointers for planning your career after 12th

Are full of ideas but not afraid of rejection? You are also a vivid reader and avid film watcher too. Wish to lead creative people? Are you? You can have bright career prospects if you think about Advertising as a career!


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Career as Journalist

Career in Media and Communication

Are you an inquisitive person, highly alert, love the race against time? Do you like the person who habitually spreads intimate or private rumors or facts without hesitation and justify for the same and still manage the social bonding? You are also fond of expressing in verbal or written form with your own style.

Gone are the days when media and communications mainly remained confined to cinema, newspaper and radio-the 70s.In early 80s audio- visual electronic medium in the form of television invaded the Indian scenario in a big way. Nineties was the decade for satellite television and then come the internet era which revolutionized the media by reaching most of the households in India.


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Career as a Chef

Career Success of Satya Nadella

Would you like to cook up a storm and get paid handsomely? If the answer is in affirmative then read on to know about career as a chef which is fast catching the fancy of youngsters. The employers are hiring in much larger numbers and there are some good hotel management courses on offer.

The rise of another Indian at the top of one of the most admired technology company (Microsoft) has once again brought the focus on certain facts that lead to successful career.

Takeaway 1:

One of the first take away from Satya Nadella’s (The newly appointed CEO of Microsoft) career journey is to see how important it is to plan a career and take the right decisions at the right time.


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January 24, 2014,

Online Career Aptitude Test

Career Guidance

When everything from health care, to air tickets to money management services to applying and completing international courses, is going online, how can career choice be far behind. The days when you would give a cumbersome decades old aptitude test and rely on a career counselor to help you interpret the scores are gone.

The days when most people stayed in the same line of work for a lifetime are gone. The world of work is dynamic it is more realistic to think of your career as an ongoing work in progress. Your priorities change throughout your lifetime. Think about what was important to you when you are in 6th standard?  How have your priorities changed?


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January 16, 2014,

University Distance Education

Is career as a Doctor for you?

Although many of us believe that students who do not get seats in regular college take correspondence course or opt for university distance education. This may be one of the reasons, but not the only reason.

“I want to be a doctor”, say many students, and usually the key emotion behind this decision, is to help the mankind. Some also feel that it gives good money and a very good lifestyle with a high status.


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January 4, 2014,

Law courses and Top Law Colleges

Is engineering for you?

For many of us, dramatic court room scene in a movie or TV serial leaves a lasting impression. For others, the impressive sound-bytes of successful lawyers who ventured in politics and become spokespersons of a party leave a lasting impression.  Usually it is influences like these, which make us think about Law as a Career.

We generally select career based on our dreams/aspiration/personal commitment/ interest and the list may go on and on. As experience says, many students aspire to become engineer to study in a reputed institute followed by fulfilling their dream of developing the next laser,transistor, or vehicle for space travel; or they imagine building companies that capitalize on new engineering capabilities, cure diseases or combat hunger or reduce pollution; making world tallest building or beautiful cities etc.


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Careers in International Relations

Career Choices for History Students

Globalisation has brought countries closer. With closer interaction among nations, the need for specialists well-versed in building and maintaining ties has grown exponentially. Interactions range from being bilateral to multilateral. They may be between similar parties, say two governments or sometimes between two with different interests, say governments and organisations wanting to set up business in those countries. At times, the interaction may involve conflicts, legal issues and so on. Each requires a distinct set of skills and expertise.

Life may not always be as exciting as Nicholas Cage’s in National Treasure - jet setting across continents, close shaves with the bad guys, discovering the world’s oldest and most revered treasures in history but it will definitely come close if you have chosen history as a subject and as a career choice.

Train future historians…


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December 18, 2013,

Do you need aptitude to become the best photographer?

I Have Failed In My Exams - What To Do Now?

A famous phrase goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Some pictures leave an incredible imprint on our minds and stay with us forever. They come to symbolize a world of ideas. And it takes a person with passion to achieve something of this nature.

Photography is a profession that requires an eye for detail and the skill to capture it.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work”.

At such a time, statements like these often sound like sermons. But these are words from people who have experienced failure several times and it did not dishearten them. Rather, it made them all the more determined to succeed.


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December 18, 2013,

Do You Take The Sole Responsibility For Your Career?

Understand your aptitude well

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question must have repeatedly come in our life from different people and this question often generates different answers almost every time. In our childhood as we get exposed to any profession, we confirm and commit to that career. For example: when we get cured without much hassle we wish to become a doctor; when we get compliment for helping a friend in study and managing well in class we wish to become like our favorite teacher; and same goes for a movie star, farmer, race car driver, pilot, or even any cartoon character we like.

Everyone seems to have each aptitude to some degree—excellent, high, mid-range or low. These aptitudes are believed to be genetic in origin, get influenced through early childhood stimulation. By the time someone reaches the age of 14, the aptitudes are roughly stable. These facts are quite known to us, but most importantly one needs to be careful in selecting the aptitude test which is valid and reliable.


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Being Multi Talented Might Seem as a Curse to You, But it is Not!

Delhi University Admissions

You do many things, but get bothered by thinking that much more needs to be done. You tell yourself that this is not enough. You get confused many times and your mind forces you to think that you are in a wrong profession, or may be with wrong people or environment. 

You tend to appreciate people who use reasoning even in a routine job. Solving real problems excites you. Working on your own is a need for you. You often wonder why some people won't read instructions. Do you also feel you are operating in low gear in the work place? Do you generally avoiding trouble areas? 

Just few more months to go when the grueling session of the Delhi University admissions will begin all over again and the confusion with courses and cut offs will start heating up. In the last admission season of 2013, MapMyTalent team was part of the panel for counseling of students who were aspiring for various courses in Delhi University. We were flooded with queries from the parents and students. Year after year the nature of queries has not changed much. Although there were many queries due to the newly introduced 4 years Bachelors program at Delhi University.


December 6, 2013,

December 6, 2013,

What Is The Best Career After 10 Years

Career planning and average scores

Come class 8 or class 9 and the discussion in the average Indian household is centered on streams, subjects, courses and careers. Visitors to the home are keenly watchful of the careers they are into or their children are pursuing and information from all sources is collected and discussed. Many students come up with questions like tell me what will be the “ In Thing” after 10 years (4 years in school and 6 years in college)and that course I will also do which will lead to that career.

In the year 2013, students who had given their class 12th boards exams were in for a very big surprise when it came to their college admissions. With the cut off hitting a full century, many students, majorly those who did not score quite well thought, that they since they have scored average marks only so what is the point in planning a career as they are anyways not going to make it the top universities in India.


November 29, 2013,

November 29, 2013,

Career Lessons from the Life Story of Shankar Mahadevan

Career Lessons from the Life Story of Amitabh Bachchan

Enthralling, spellbinding, fabulous, melodious. These are perhaps a few adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of music director-composer-singer Shankar Mahadevan.

He needs no introduction. Revered almost as the God of the Bollywood industry, Amitabh Bachchan is a legend. Let’s take a close look at his career and how it has served this image.

Amitabh began his career by working for a shipping firm in Kolkata for about seven years! When he came to the land of Bollywood (Mumbai), it was his voice and not his acting that interested filmmakers. Even before he began acting, he lent his voice as a narrator for films. Interestingly, he was rejected by the All India Radio when he applied because they found his voice “not suitable for radio”.


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November 25, 2013,

Careers and Courses after B.A.

Degree vs. Diploma - Don't Get Fooled

The advantage of having a general graduation degree is that you are able to attain a set of generalised skills that allow you to explore your strengths either in a workplace or elsewhere and then choose a specialization that you can pursue in a post-graduation.

You may choose to begin working immediately after graduation, pursue a post-graduation and/or begin working and pursue further studies.

In one of his most noted plays, Shakespeare wrote, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Although, when it comes to matters of one’s careers, a degree by any other name is actually not the same. Rather, as it turns out, a degree which just claims to be a degree but is actually not can be extremely sour and distasteful.


November 8, 2013,

October 25, 2013,

Influence of Internet on Career Choices Today

Life After Graduation

Just a couple of years after the economic liberalization of India in the year 1992, as India was awakening to new opportunities and gaining exposure to the global world, somewhere in the corners of our land, another kind of golden opportunity was taking birth which would change the way Indians would live, work, shop, travel, communicate, entertain, play and so much more.

Completing graduation is achieving another milestone in your life. From here onward, (where did the teenage years go?), you will be looking at embarking on a full-fledged career or further specializing in your chosen field of study.

It is a major crossroad in life and at this juncture it is a good idea to pause and review one’s career decision.

It may so happen that you are absolutely sure of what you are doing and are raring to get into the job market. Good for you!

It may also happen that you may want to study ahead. Great!


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October 17, 2013,

Career after Graduation in Psychology in India

How to Become a Career Counselor

There was a time when seeking psychological assistance was considered an extreme step and only for those who were “mental”. Today, although still considered stigmatic, more and more people are opening up to the fact that ANY of us may need psychological help in any phase in life and it may be beneficial to seek help in time. Increased competition, work pressures and a fast-paced life have contributed to stress levels that only seem to be on the rise.

In today’s day and time, what with the multitude of career options, serious competition for entry into colleges and courses, there is a great demand for professional career counselors who will reduce the ever increasing stress on students by helping them choose the right career. Let us understand what being a career counselor involves. Let us begin with the basics.

What does one have to do to become a career counselor?


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October 3, 2013,

Career in Economics

Career Options After 12th In Physics

Together with the government and regulators such as SEBI, we will steadily but surely liberalise our markets, as well as restrictions on investment and position taking. Given the current market turmoil, our actions will have to be at a measured pace…

If this does not sound like Greek to you then you probably find economics interesting, like I do and are considering a career in economics. Read on then!

This statement, by the way, was made the RBI governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan who took over reigns this September.

It is rocket science they say when a subject/topic is too difficult to understand but if you find physics interesting, then nothing, not even rocket science, is rocket science for you!


From discovering that the earth was round, to the theory of gravity, from the theory of relativity to the discovery of radium, physics has a wide variety of applications. There are several branches of physics and depending on the one you find interesting, you can make a career for yourself in it.



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September 28, 2013,

Teaching - One of the best career options after 12th

How to Become a Librarian- A Sublime Career Option!

September 5. October 5. Both these days have one thing in common. They are dedicated to teachers. While September 5 is celebrated in India as Teacher’s Day, commemorating Dr S. Radhakrishnan’s birthday, October 5 has been designated by the United Nations as World Teacher’s Day.


Despite being the constant reminder of “Maintain Silence Please”, Akanksha found her librarian to be the most cheerful teacher amongst all. It was truly a mystery for Akanksha that how could a person spend her entire day amid books and maintaining a catalog for them, also she considered librarians to be quiet & studious but she was amazed to see how Mrs. Dass was so good in cultural activities like singing & dancing & also headed the Book Review club in her school.



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September 23, 2013,

How to Choose the Best Career Assessment Test

B.Com vs BBA - Which course should you choose?

There is a master key to open the doors to career success and that master key is career assessment tests. Career assessment tests are tools that help you to know about your personal attributes like interests, personality, aptitudes, motivation etc and depending on the life situation, the knowledge about these attributes help you to plan ahead.


Benefits of career assessment test

In India, students generally do not devote much time to think and decide before taking admission in a course. Mostly, they go by the elimination method, that is, they eliminate the things they think they are not good at or those subjects that they hate. The reason given by the students for this elimination are mostly irrelevant to the decision making process. They feel they may not have time for fun if they take serious subjects or some careers do not lead to earning great money etc.


September 19, 2013,

September 18, 2013,

Recognizing your True Calling Paves Way for an effortless Career

Which career to choose if you want to earn a lot of money?

Belonging to the family of well settled engineers Manu was pushed to take up an engineering degree. He, being a hardworking and a studious student achieved the degree with flying colours and was well placed with a reputed Engineering Company. Surely the job profile best explored his educational degree but he felt tied up with the mundane routine.


If you want to earn a lot of money you should probably start your own Mint. That way you will be able to print as many notes as you like whenever you want! That you may be jailed for economic fraud and the currency you would have printed would not be worth anything in the world market is a minor thing you may want to consider. That was meant to be sarcastic in case you are taking the proposition seriously. :-)


Is money everything?



September 18, 2013,

September 17, 2013,

How to Write a Cover Letter for Job Application - Avoid Common Mistake

Career Options After 12th For Those Who Are Good in Languages

As a professional in the field of education and career making, we keep on hearing common statements from many people like, “I wanted to become a HR manager, I have great aptitude for managing people, but I have no idea how I landed up in a sales job”, or, “I did not apply for an operational job, and I have no clue why the organization has offered me this job”, or, “I have made several applications to various organizations where my experience and education fits, but I am not getting calls from even a single organization”, or, “why do experts start smiling when they look at my bio data, what

Can pen an essay on any topic in minutes; prefer reading books over watching a movie, never at a loss for words? If this is you then you have obviously realized that you have a flair for languages.

It is a good thing to have recognized one’s strengths early on in one’s career.


September 10, 2013,

September 7, 2013,

Why Take an Aptitude Test to Decide Stream After 10th Class

Knacks, Talent and Aptitude - What Leads to Success?

To have a successful career it is important to plan your career; and that begins with making the RIGHT stream choice after 10th. This stream or subjects combination becomes the foundation for one’s career as it determines eligibility for the future courses and one’s performance is judged on the scores that one gets in these subjects. After one has made the decision it is difficult to reverse it, as one will have to repeat class 11 and 12 with a new stream.  So, this decision stays for one’s life and thus it becomes an important decision.

While studying in school each one of us is probably very sure about what we know and what we do not know. Knowledge, wisdom, implementation, all these words are jargons at that point of time and we simply appreciate those people who are famous and believe that they only can be associated with these words. We remain blissful till application based education happens. We feel proud to associate our success to our intelligence, hard work etc.



September 6, 2013,

August 21, 2013,

Career Options in Sociology

A Game Changing Career Option

Sociology is the study of man’s behavior in society. Since Sociology is the study of human behavior, a graduate in Sociology has the entire world as her/his workplace! There are quite a few career options for a Sociology graduate to pursue provided s/he is willing to upgrade his/her knowledge base about various fields. Sociology, being a generalized specialization, will have to be combined with a further subject specialization depending on one’s aptitude and inclinations.

Parents, students and anyone who has a little information in the career advisory field would agree with me that some careers are preferred over others. While I have no problem with that, however, sometimes, it sets me thinking that are there some career options which have not yet got their due? I was reading a recent TOI report on sports page about Novak Djokovic, ranked World No. 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals.


July 29, 2013,

July 10, 2013,

Best Career For Girls

Did You Choose A Wrong Course / Career?

India’s demographics for the number of women in the age group 25 to 54 years in the year 2012 is 23,50,42,251 while the number of males for the same age group is 24,90,17,538. That is, at least 49% of the Indian working age group constitutes females.


When it comes to choosing a career, many students are completely clueless as to what they should pursue. While there are many who do deliberate on how to choose a career and what course to pursue, but more often than not, they end being affected by the opinion of peers and family members, and therefore, are never able to make a rational apt decision regarding their course and career.



June 27, 2013,

June 26, 2013,

Career Planning After Class 9th

Career Counseling Session with Parents at Delhi University

As one enters the 9th grade class or class 8th the discussion in the average Indian household gets centered on streams, subjects, courses and careers. Family members / relatives / neighbors / and almost everyone else known to a child becomes keenly watchful for the various suitable career options their child can pursue. And eventually, information from all sources is collected, analyzed, and discussed and the child is bombarded with information.

Delhi University admissions are on and the confusion with courses and cut offs is also heating up. Last two weekends the MapMyTalent team was part of the panel for career counseling of students who are aspiring for various courses in Delhi University. We were flooded with queries from the parents and students. Year after year the nature of queries has not changed much. Although there were many queries due to the newly introduced 4 years Bachelors program at Delhi University.


June 14, 2013,

June 14, 2013,

Importance of Career Counselling

The Right Approach For College Admissions

After important milestones in education each one of us faces this question ‘what next’ after class 10thafter class 12th and after graduation. Career counseling  can help in all the major milestones in one's career. Firstly, to decide a stream and subject combinations, to decide the graduation course, and then, to decide the post graduation and career option !

Once the inescapable ordeal of the class 12th board exams is over, the scramble for college admissions begins. Admissions to a lot of courses are dependent on the choice of stream after class 10th, thus the choice of stream can make or break the admissions dream.


May 1, 2013,

May 1, 2013,

Parent's Guide For Building The Right Career For Their Child

If Not Chartered Accountancy, Then What?

Being in the field of career advisory, we remain flooded with queries from concerned parents regarding their child’s career. Well, it is very natural for any parent to be thinking about their child’s future when the child reaches early adolescence; but it does surprise us when the advice seekers are parents of kids as young as 6 to 8 years.

A report by one of the leading national dailies – The Hindu, stated that each year, more than 1 lakh students appear for the CPT exam conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). However, of these 1 lakh students, a very small percentage of students are able to clear the exam. While one of the major reasons for such a poor pass percentage for the CPT exam is that many students don’t take the exam too seriously, however, if one were to dig deeper, one would understand that the real cause behind a student’s inability to clear the exam is much more than just their lack of seriousness towards the exam.


May 1, 2013,

May 1, 2013,

Do You Have It In You To Become A Chartered Accountant?

What is the Scope of Chartered Accountant Career?

Every career requires certain skills, aptitude, and personality from the incumbent. For example: an artist or a designer must have creative thinking; a sales person must have good communication skills and persuasion skills; a doctor must have high analytical skills and good communication skills. If a person does not have the required skill set and the right personality for the career that they have chosen for themselves, then they end up leading a miserable life in an unsuccessful career and keep on slogging forever. If you are contemplating on becoming a CA, or if you have been trying to appear for the CA exams for quite some time now but have been unable to crack these exams, then it is time that you look into your aptitude, personality and interests, and figure out whether you have the required skill set and personality to become a CA.

Chartered accountancy is a professional degree course which offers huge scope for the aspirants. After becoming a CA, a person can choose to either be employed with a firm as an employee or they can choose to open their own private practice. Before discussing the scope for a chartered accountant, let us look into the various reasons for why CA is a good career option...


May 1, 2013,

May 1, 2013,

What is CA?

Why Become A Chartered Accountant?

A chartered accountant, by definition is a professional member of the national professional accounting body of the country, and in the case of India, this professional accounting body is the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

One of the most "lucrative" and "sought-after" careers that many many students aspire for in India is the chartered accountant career. Often believed to be a "safe" career, the CA course offered by ICAI attracts over 1 lakh students each year. This career option is often considered to be the Holy Grail for many commerce students. Some of the common reasons as to why thousands of students slog each year to become a CA are...


April 17, 2013,

April 17, 2013,

How To Have An Ideal Job

Learn The Easy Way To Decide After 12th Course

Look around yourself at the people in your life and think about this - how many people do you know who are actually happy about and enjoying their jobs? We thought as much... probably only a handful. It is a common and well researched fact that almost 80% of the people are stressed at their work places. This means that even you, in most likelihood, belong to that 80% category of unhappy people at the workplace.

Over lakhs of students appeared for their class 12th board exam this year in 2013 across India. Now that the board examinations are over, there is but little time left for students to relax, as the rat race for admission to a good college and the cut throat competition to secure a seat in the course of one's choice now begins.


April 17, 2013,

April 17, 2013,

Subjects In Class 11 Should Be Selected Based On Inherent Abilities And Not Academic Grades

What Is Your Personality And Aptitude? Your Personality And Aptitude Make You Unique

It is that time of the year when our young students, moving from class X to class XI have to choose their subject streams. And like so many other years, this year too hordes of students would pick or would be made to pick those subjects which will eventually turn out to be an albatross around their neck.

Are we really born the same as everyone else or are we different? Well this is a question that has intrigued a lot of people. Today, a lot of research in neurosciences suggests that we indeed are born different. So what is it that makes us unique and how does it really matter, even if we are unique?

What makes us unique is the way we are wired in terms of our Personality and Aptitude.


February 13, 2013,

February 6, 2013,

Problem Solving Assessment Demystified

How to Study in Exams

Thousands of students of class IX and XI across India are gearing up for the Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) test held by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Many students and parents are confused as to what is the deal with this test and how exactly is one supposed to prepare for it? MapMyTalent breaks down the whole mysticism surrounding the PSA test and helps you understand what it is, why it is, and what one can do about it.

What is PSA?

Over the last few days we have received a large number of queries from students related to how to manage studies and how to finish the syllabus now that exams are just a few days away.



January 30, 2013,

January 30, 2013,

Understand your Interest-Aptitude-Personality

A Meeting with Kiran Bedi

Identifying your interest-aptitude-personality are most important factors in considering career choices. These three aspects require critical evaluation as one remains in a career for more than 30 years of ones life.

28th January 2013, a day we are surely to remember for long. We were on our way to Pune for conducting counselling sessions in schools. We briefly met the first woman IPS officer of India at IGI Airport – Ms. Kiren Bedi! She told us how important it is to learn discipline for life and career. When we told her we were going to meet the young minds of India and the shapers of our future, she told us to pass on the message that all students must read ‘Dare to Do! For the New Generation’. This prompted us to write about Self-Discipline.


January 25, 2013,

January 22, 2013,

What is Career Counseling? How will career guidance help me?

How to Reduce Exam Stress

If we go by the basic dictionary definition, then career counseling refers to the assistance or guidance provided by a professional on career opportunities best suited for the individual.

You have to admit... as a student you would have definitely faced some level of exam stress at some point of time in your life or the other. Perhaps the degree of stress varied for each one of you, and perhaps some of you found some good ideas to deal with stress. But what remains a fact is that most of the students in the age group of 8 to 17 years feel exam stress.

The problem stops not just at stress, rather, further consequences of stress as well, such as sleepless nights, fatigue, loss of appetite, and even depression and suicide in some extreme fatal cases.


January 21, 2013,

January 21, 2013,

What stream should I choose in 11th?

What is Ability Test?

The following blog is a reconstruction of an actual feedback on our MyTalent Program that helps in scientific stream selection based on ones' strengths. The feedback was  received by MapMyTalent from a student of 1st year at Delhi University Graduation course whose younger sister, then in class X took our MyTalent program to decide about her Stream choice.

Hi Guys,

The team of experts at MapMyTalent has been reminding you time and again to take the MyTalent Abilities Test… Some of you would have already taken the test while some of you would be contemplating what this test is all about. Well worry not coz help is at hand. I am going to explain to you everything that is to know about the MyTalent Abilities Test!


January 19, 2013,

January 2, 2013,

Open Letter to all my new Friends

Career Decision Making – A self help method

Hello friends,

Wassap? Since I am talking with you all for the first time through this blog, I think it will be best if introduce myself to you all first… My name is Sancho and I am 20 years old.

I have a younger sister Simi who studies in class 8th. Simi, I, mom, dad, granny, grannu, and our 2 year old Cocker Spaniel dog Zuby live in Sector 56, Gurgaon. We shifted here just 3 years ago and before this we were living in Karol Bagh in Central Delhi.

We live in the 21st century, a techno world, a progressive economy world, the world which is offering us a plethora of choices to live with. We all know some of the choices require a little thought or reflection—like the choice of what to eat for breakfast — while others, demand rigorous deliberations like choosing ones’ career. The question here is, do we really think career decision is a serious decision and requires deep reflection? Unlikely!!!


January 2, 2013,

December 3, 2012,

Career decisions: The role parents play

Scientifically measuring Aptitudes–Personality–Interests

When choosing my career, should I chase high income or professional growth? Should I take the best institute or the best course? Should I consider market reality or what I can do well? These are some of the very common questions asked by youngsters across the country. To resolve it, they look for viable and authentic answer from the adults around them.

Important surveys conducted around the world show that personal goal and parental support play a key role in determining successful career decisions.

Since the beginning of scientific mapping of various psychological aspects in the 19th century, many strides have been made in this space of scientific measurement of psychological make-up.

Today, it is possible to correctly measure one's Aptitudes, Personality and Interests through valid and reliable psychometric assessment. While most of the assessment instruments have been developed in the west, there are a few that have been developed in India with the context of Indian students in mind. While selecting a particular assessment, it is important to note:


December 3, 2012,

The Scientific Process of Career Selection: The A-P-I Model

Choosing one's career is perhaps the most important decision that we take in our lives. Interestingly, the seed of one's career gets sown while still being at the school level, at a tender age of 14-17 years.

Almost two decades back, when we in India were still under the socialist hangover of the Nehruvian era, Engineering and Medicine were considered as the only meaningful career choices. All other callings were for children with "less or suspect" intelligence, who could not get admission in one of the very few engineering or medical colleges that we had at that point in time.


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