Why MyTalent

Completely based on scientific principles of behavioral sciences

Mapping Aptitudes, Personality and Interests

Standardized and Valid battery of Assessments

Original Research validated for Indian Context

Why MapMyTalent

MapMyTalent is one of the most sophisticated and innovative career path decision programs available worldwide. It uses a unique and scientifically developed and tested battery of instruments like career aptitude assessment, career personality assessment and career interest assessment to measure a comprehensive profile of a student's natural abilities, inborn talents and personality traits. The scientifically arrived at profile of the student is then mapped with several lucrative careers and the best fit careers are suggested to the student along with the road-map for those careers. When students understand their natural talents, they get a huge boost in confidence and develop very high Interest in the career paths that are shown to them.

Designed by Experts

MapMyTalent has been very carefully developed by a team of experts, led by Dr. Itishree Misra and Dr. Anubhuti Sehgal, who have experience of more than 6000 man-days of research & work and who have counseled more than 29000 students between them. This program has been developed under the guidance and supervision of internationally renowned Prof. (Dr.) V. Veeraraghavan, Former H.O.D. (Psychology), both at University of Delhi and J.N.U., New Delhi. She is currently Professor Emeritus, I.G.N.O.U., New Delhi.


Validity and Reliability of MapMyTalent battery of Assessments

The MapMyTalent battery of Assessments has been stringently tested for its Validity and Reliability. In fact, the Validity and Reliability of the Assessments has been established under the supervision of some of the most prominent experts in the field of psychology and psychometrics. School students of various cities in India, including metros, tier-II and even tier- III cities were administered the test for establishing the Validity and Reliability of the test. The Assessment also has a lie-score check in order to help the experts analyze the results better. Moreover the visual layout and design of the Assessment has been done by fine-art specialists in order to engage the child over a longer period of time without letting them lapse into fatigue. This helps in generating the real response from the child.

Indian battery of Assessments for Indian Careers

While there are quite a few international assessments that measure Aptitude etc., we believe that they are contextually not relevant in India. Therefore there has been a need for an Indian battery of assessments that is specially designed for the Indian Context. MapMyTalent has been specially designed for the Indian context and the overall program has been formulated to help the students with those careers that are more relevant and prevalent in India.

Various Studies and Research

Below is a synopsis of surveys and studies which give strong evidence for the importance of understanding one's natural talents and abilities and then taking CORRECT career decision.


A recent study by Bupaworld showed that over 80% of people in the workplace felt stressed because they were “Career Misfits”.


In the U.S., a researcher interviewed 1,500 business school students and classified them into two categories: those who were in it for the money ( 1,245 of them ) and those who were going to use the degree to do something they cared deeply about ( the other 255 people ) . Twenty years later, the researcher checked on the graduates and found that 101 of them were millionaires and all but one of those millionaires came from the 255 people who had pursued what they loved to do.


Long term research has shown that when people focus on their natural abilities and follow a strategic plan based on a strong Personal Career Vision, they experience the profound and lasting benefits of reduced stress, decreased burnout, and the highest levels of satisfaction and balance. The opposite is also true. A defining characteristic of people experiencing job?related stress, depression, anger, boredom, and burnout is that they do not see themselves in a future that feels positive.


A study of Harvard students, ten years after graduation, found that those who had specific goals for their futures made salaries three times higher than that of their classmates who did not have specific goals. The 3% who actually had written goals were earning ten times more.


A University of Michigan study concluded that having a clearly formed idea of where you want to go in your life contributes more than any other factor—including education or socio?economic background—to an overall sense of well?being.


The average cost of a college education today is anywhere between Rs.8 to 16 Lakhs and rising and Over 50% of today’s college students will change their choice of major!!


65% of college seniors surveyed stated they wished they had chosen a different field!!

Know what you are good at