What to do after 10th ?


After 10th a student’s life goes for a big change. While class 10th is an important milestone in a school student's life, it is also the starting point of one's career. It is now that the student takes up subjects of  choice, prepares for courses after 12th and puts focused efforts for better career prospects in future. It is often seen that students do not take the best decision and choose stream after 10th  which is not fit for them and get influenced by external factors. There are many decisions that are to be taken.

  • Which stream After 10th should I choose?
  • Which subjects in class 1th (After 10th) should I choose?
  • Should I take coaching for competitive exams After 10th  ?
  • Should I take state board or CBSE board after 10th?
  • Should I go for diploma or other courses or complete schooling After 10th?

These are all important questions that trouble a student when he is in class 10th and here are the answers

  1. You should choose that stream after 10th that matches with your aptitudes and personality and keep options for future open. Here it is important to understand that one must take an aptitude test to know about the aptitudes and personality and get recommendations from experts for the best suited stream after 10th.
  2. There is no best stream after 10th . All the streams like science, commerce and humanities offer good subjects and offer various opportunities to enter into very good careers and opt for good courses after 12th . There is not much merit in choosing a particular stream ( like science ) if you ultimately plan to take up career that naturally belongs to other stream. So, choose wisely and do not go by public opinion alone.
  3. After you have decided broadly which stream you will opt for, then comes the option of choosing the subject combination. Like should you opt for commerce with maths, you should you choose PCM with economics or computers etc. Well the choice of subject depends on what careers/ courses you are focusing on after 12th that is keeping the eligibility in mind. Eg is you want to go for economics Hons then you should have maths, if you plan to take up computer engineering then computers will be good with PCM, if you plan to study bio chemistry then you should have PCB with mathematics. Like that you must plan and choose.
    Sometimes it has also been seen that people choose physical education as a subject thinking that this is an easy subject and they will get more time to study other subjects. Little do they realize that they are missing an important opportunity to learn a good subject and probably risking a career option after 12th.
  4. Almost every student asks this question, whether they should go for coaching for competitive exams. Well the answer is simple... if you can afford it you should take it. The coaching centres help you with the pattern of exam and studies become more methodical but if you can do it yourself you can do without taking coaching also. And specially if you are not planning to give a particular entrance (like engineering or medical) then you can take individual/ group tuitions to suit your needs and prepare with last year’s papers etc.
  5. Another question that students have to tackle is to take up state board or CBSE or ISCE or any other. Well it depends what is your goal after 12th. For example you are focusing on national competitive exams then you should take up CBSE board as the syllabus is same. If you are banking more on state level exams then you should be good with state board. The choice should also depend on which school you are thinking and what teachers and past record the school has. This is an important decision and make this decision after due deliberations and after collecting the relevant information from all the available sources.
  6. Another question of straight away going for job oriented courses (Diploma’s etc) arises after 10th and one may think of leaving the school and going for these courses. Well we often advise students that if there is not much financial compulsion then one should complete class 12th and then take up job oriented courses. These days vocational courses are available for class 12th students that offer degree along with vocational training. For a successful career in future one should get the maximum education possible and most of the reputed courses are available after 12th or after graduation for which completing schooling or class 12th is important.

    The RIGHT method for finding the RIGHT Stream after 10th

    The right method to choose your stream after 10th is as follows: 

    1. Take a Psychometric Assessment to map your Real Talents ( Aptitude, Personality and Interest Test)

    You see Psychometric test is not just an Aptitude test. It is important to take not only an Aptitude test, but also a personality test  and an Interest test. You see the combination of these three, your Aptitudes, your personality and your Interests actually helps in clearly identifying which stream after 10th  and course you should take.  

    We at MapMyTalent have our own standardised and validated Psychometric Test by the name MyTalent Test, this test primarily judges a person across seven  different aptitudes and twenty eight different personality traits and understands the Unique Talent pattern in the student.  You can take the MyTalent Progarm by clicking on the red float on the bottom right of your screen. Once you take the Assessment, the responses submitted by you are then analyzed by the experts at MapMyTalent. The results of the assessment are presented in two recommendation reports which clearly mention the stregths profile of the stduent, recommended stream After 10th with subject combination and best suited careers and courses after 12th. You can see the sample reports from the links here (one a Detailed Report and another a Summary Report)

    The information in the reports helps you to take confident decision for stream after 10th . 
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Find the best stream for you after 10th?