Frequently Asked Questions

Q1What is the objective of 'MapMyTalent'?

MapMyTalent is a platform wherein, through highly sophisticated psychometric mapping, we help the student in choosing his/her courses / career which are based on his/her Aptitude, Personality and Interests. Research has shown that correctly choosing one's career goes a long way in ensuring a more successful and satisfactory work-life. The platform uses behavioral sciences and it's techniques in correctly finding out the Aptitude, Personality and Interests of the student.

Q2Who all can participate in MapMyTalent?

MapMyTalent is an open platform, where students aged between 13 to 18 years can participate. Infact the parents of these students can also participate to clarify some of their own doubts and confusion.

Q3How is MapMyTalent different from typical career counseling?

MapMyTalent is very different from typical career counseling. In fact in true sense any-one who seriously participates in MapMyTalent would require very little career counseling. By participating in the platform, the student first scientifically finds out his/her strengths and then gets empowered with all the information t hat they need. Moreover the platform provides unique opportunity to the student and the parent to ask questions and get answers to them from other participants and our experts. The platform gives highly customized career suggestions and also a road map for those careers which contains info about colleges, courses etc.

Q4Are MapMyTalent Assessments based on scientific principles?

Yes, the assessments used in MapMyTalent like the initial “MyAbilities” and more detailed “MyTalent” are indeed based on scientifically established principles of behavioural sciences. It is only through correct application of specialized psychometric analysis that one can truly figure out the varying degrees of inherent APTITUDES, the different dimensions of PERSONALITY and INTERESTS of the child. 'My Talent' employs proprietary psychometric tools which are scientifically tested for their "reliability" and "validity."

Q5What are the psychometric tools used by MapMyTalent?

MapMyTalent uses Assessments based on proprietary psychometric tools developed by a team of behavioral scientists at Sattava Edusys. The basic tool used in the platform is the “MyAbilities” assessment and the more detailed and robust tool used in the platform is the “MyTalent” Assessment. Both these assessments are original work of research done by Sattava Edusys, duly standardized and tested for validity and reliability.

Q6Who are the people behind MapMyTalent?

MapMyTalent platform is the brain child of highly credible and qualified people, who felt that students and parents undergo a lot of stress when it comes to stream choice and career choice decisions. The core team is comprised of Academicians, IIT, IIM Alumni and Ph.D.’s. The behavioural sciences team at MapMyTalent is led by Dr.Itishree Misra and Dr.Anubhuti Sehgal. Our accomplished team has counseled over 26000 students and has an enriching experience of 80,000 man-days. The MapMyTalent team is constantly guided and supported by our Board of Advisors led by Prof.(Dr.)V.Veeraraghavan, Ex-HOD, Deptt. of Psychology, D.U and currently Professor Emeritus, I.G.N.O.U., Prof.(Dr.)A.K.Sharma, Former Director – NCERT and other experts, towards the development of this program.

Q7How are Assessments used at MapMyTalent different from other psychometric assessments available in the market?

The Assessments used at MapMyTalent are the most comprehensive assessments available in career space. The Assessment covers all the aspects needed to make a sound and informed career choice. It is based on latest Research in career space by psychologists and industry. The test is Standardised on Indian students and conforms to the highest standards of Validity and Reliability.

Q8How are the Assessments used at MapMyTalent, better than other tests?

Our Assessments give comprehensive information about who “you” are. Many tools, available on-line or offline, are just surveys and are not really designed for the purpose of career guidance! While some other careers tests either are only aptitude tests or are personality tests and many of them don’t relate the output to the world of work and “Interests”.

Our Assessments measures your inherent potential and innate ability to perform and learn specific tasks. It also measures your predominant personality type and interests thus providing all the pieces of this puzzle.

The combination of your “inborn” Talents and Personality Type is what makes you unique. The Assessment helps you understand how to use your best inborn aptitudes, and how they fit the “world of work”. Thus you'll be able to focus your efforts on learning where you have natural strengths.

You will find it of considerable value.

Q9I am in class eleventh and have already chosen my stream, what do I do?

Wow you are already in class 11 and going closer to your career. You can take aptitude assessment any time between the age of 14-18 years.. Also even after choosing a stream, there are many career choices available and Aptitude and Personality combination required for those careers are different. So take the MyAbilities and MyTalenty Assessment and see for yourself how to go forward towards your dream career.

Q10Do I need any preparation for the “MyAbilities” or “MyTalent” Assessment?

No, you do not require any preparation for these Assessments. It is actually not a "test" in the typical meaning of that word, it is actually an assessment of the individual’s true inner core. To do this, the respondent is asked to respond to certain statements which are quite general and at times specific to the respondent.

Q11What do the “MyAbilities” and “MyTalent” Assessments measure?

“MyAbilities” Assessments is a preliminary assessment to map the student on the prevalence of eight different typologies of Abilities. For a class IX or X student, this assessment can clearly help in choosing the correct streams in Class Xi. The “MyTalent” Assessment is a more comprehensive and robust Assessment that can measures the student on the prevalence of SEVEN different inborn aptitudes, TWENTY EIGHT different personality traits and interests over a wide range of progressive careers. This assessment gives very clear cut career direction by recommending THREE most suitable career choices for the student.

Q12How are skills different than aptitudes?

Aptitudes are inborn; Skills are learned. We are born with Aptitudes and Abilities that don't change with practice. For example, somebody has an Aptitude with numbers and other may have in visualizing in Three Dimensions.

We might as well do what we're best at; why bother with struggling at things that don't fit? A good rule of thumb, if you're struggling to learn, bored or not excelling in your work, chances are that you’ve landed in a stream or on a career track that doesn't suit your best talents and abilities.

Q13How often do I have to go for Aptitude Assessment?

Aptitude Assessment is a one-time event; you only need to do it once in your lifetime. The investment is invaluable, and there's no other way to really know and understand how to use your innate abilities.

Q14What's the turn-around time for Assessments at MapMyTalent?

The “MyAbilities” assessment gives you the results instantaneously. Whereas after you take “MyTalent” Assessment, it takes around 76 hours to get your “MapMyTalent” Comprehensive Report.