What to do after 12th ?

You will soon be out of school and are looking forward to college life. There are many colleges in India and the word college brings many thoughts to mind. While for some it is about reaching the corridors of the Top engineering colleges, or Top Medical colleges on the other hand there are many who are not sure about what course to do and which college to join.So while one is readying oneself for life after 12th, but the dilemma about which college to choose and which course to choose from the wide array of courses after 12th only increases.  Career Guidance after 12th is extremely help full here and you can take help of our  career experts / expert counsellors . Call 9650338746 or 0124 4084211 to book an appointment with Dr Anubhuti Sehgal.


There are many options in front of you


1. Remain in the chosen stream and choose a higher education

Get complete list of courses after 12th in every stream. If you have science with PCM you can go for higher education in many professional and educational courses like engineering, architecture, design, Information Technology, and pure sciences degrees in physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics etc. If you have science with PCB you can go for MBBS / BAMS / B Sc M Sc allied medical fields like dentistry, Ayurveda, veterinary etc. Lot of interesting options are available in bio chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and pure sciences like botany, zoology, and research in biological sciences. B Com, BBA, B Com LLB , Economics Hons, Bachelor in Business Economics are some of the courses that you can do after class 12th in commerce  or you can hone your skills in the financial sector. If you took humanities you can go for BA in your chosen subject or can move to professional courses after 12th.

2. Appear in an Entrance exam 

Depending on the stream you have you can sit for an entrance-exams-after-12th. Since most of the courses are sought after. most of the reputed colleges take admissions through entrance exams. This is the trend not only for courses like engineering, medicine, law, design etc Many universities use entrance tests because the number of applicants is generally very large. If you are interested in joining the Armed forces then you can also sit for exams like NDA.

One needs to plan for these entrance exams as these are held at different times in the year and one has to fill the application and follow the process to appear in the exam. While some entrance exams are also available in an online format like JEE for engineering there are still many which are offered in online and offline mode both, so you need to plan the test centre and travel etc.  

3. Change the stream and choose a higher education

Many a times we take a particular stream just to keep the options open after 12th. This is the time to make that choice and choose from various career options available. Depending upon your aptitudes and interest you can make a switch to other course and career options. Colleges in India do allow some switches but there are some restrictions also. Like from science to commerce in possible but from commerce to science is not possible. There are subject related restrictions as well like to do Economics Hons in graduation some universities require Mathematics as a subject in class 12th. So ideally one should explore the college and course and carefully look for the eligibility criteria to make the right decision in right time.

4. Choose a professional course

There are many professional courses that one can opt for after 12th and most of the times the admissions are through entrance-exams-after-12th. Since these are sought after courses and there are many takers one should prepare for the entrances. For some courses like engineering and medicine the preparation starts right after you have given exams after 10th. Other than engineering, medicine there are many professional courses like Law, Management, Hotel Management, Design, Mass communication and Journalism etc which one can opt for to make a successful career. Most of these courses offer good career opportunity so one should choose the course that matches best with one’s strengths ( That is ...Aptitude and Personality).

5. Choose a vocational course

Vocational courses like Travel and Tourism and Office administration also offer good choice for many.

So by now, you know of four different things that you can do to decide about what to do after 12th.Actually there are many students who think that they know what to do after 12th but sadly they are mistaken. You see as per a recent study, almost 80% or more people at work place feel stressed out because they are career misfits. The genesis of his problem is because of the wrong choices they make after 12th

6. Plan ..in case you do not get the course/ college of your choice

Admissions are competitive whether it is professional courses or others, there are limited seats and many takers. So even if you are the best and suited for that course admissions are not guaranteed. In that case the role of a good career counsellor comes into picture, who will help you explore other Career Options that suit your talent profile or will tell you alternative ways to reach your career goals. For example you want to become a journalist and are not able to make it to BA journalism course...you can still go for a related graduation and in your PG take up journalism course. Like that you need to set your goals and reach your career goal.

So what is the right method to decide what to do after 12th


The RIGHT method for finding what to do after 12th

The right method to decide what to do after 12th is as follows: 

1. Take a Psychometric Assessment to map your Real Talents 

You see so far as a student, till class 12th, you have taken tests and assessments that map your learning in various courses that are part of standard curriculum. However after 12th subjects become much specialized and in-depth understanding is required to clear the subjects. This requires the RIGHT APTITUDES to be there in a person, because presence of certain APTITUDES helps us in learning or doing a task or activity easily. You may think that you have already taken an Aptitude Test when you were in 10th (some schools do conduct an Aptitude Test). But ONLY APTITUDE TEST IS NOT ENOUGH. A good Career Assessment, not only helps you to map your Inherent Aptitudes but also helps you in mapping your Personality Traits and your Interest Profile.  

We at MapMyTalent have our own standardized and validated Psychometric Test by the name MyTalent Test, this test primarily judges a person across seven  different aptitudes and twenty eight different personality traits and also the student's Interest profile, thereby understanding the Unique Talent pattern in the student.  You can take the MyTalent Program by clicking on the red float on the bottom right of your screen. Once you take the Assessment, the responses submitted by you are then analyzed by the experts at MapMyTalent after which you would be presented with two recommendation reports, you can see the sample reports from the links here (one a Detailed Report and another a Summary Report)

2. Pick up that course/career where you can utilize your Aptitudes to the fullest. 

Career counselor or career guidance service of MapMyTalent can interpret your Aptitude scores and help you find your RIGHT Course or Career. 

So now you know the right method to choose your RIGHT career path after 12th and your dilemmas regarding what to do after 12th gets resolved. 

So we can see that there are many choices and making a decision is not easy. Experts in this field believe that if you choose an area where your strengths match you will achieve success.

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