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Many students getting out of school or college, or for that matter, many individuals who have just recently entered the corporate world and get shaken with their choice of work or have been working for few years and remain demotivated for some unknown reasons often ponder over what is the “right career” for them.


For school students, the worry is more focused towards choosing the right stream in class 11; for those who have just cleared their class 12th exams, the worry centers around picking the right course in college; and those who are through with all their education, the worry is to get into the right job. Apart from these, there are many others who have taken up just about any job that they came across after their graduation, or perhaps post graduation. Few months or years down the line, they come to the realization that the work that they have been doing up till now is not the exactly the right career for them. And now they are at crossroads, whether to stick to their current career, or to make a switch to an all together different career.


The main question that arises in all these situations is that how exactly does one identify what is the right career for them? How does a 15 year old class 10th student, or a 17 year old class 12th pass out, or a 21 year old graduate, or for that matter, a 28 year old working professional know accurately what is the right career for them?


Steps to Identify Your Right Career


Here is a key to help you understand the steps towards identifying your right career -


(a) Know your potential


It is extremely important, whether you are 15, or 17 or 21 or 28 years old, that you first understand what your true potential is. Many people, who are persitently failing to reach their goal, think that they have absolutely no potential at all in them. This is an extreme thought process leading to frustration and demotivation. One needs to know each one of us is born with a unique aptitude and personality combination. And our aptitude and personality is actually our true capability based on which we should take up the right career.


For example: during your aptitude and personality assessment you discover that you have a high  verbal aptitude (which includes both written and verbal aptitude) and an introvert personality. You might think (or perhaps people might have forced you to think) that just talking too much or talking too well won’t help in getting a job or making a career. Well, they might be right to a certain extent, as you will definitely need to develop some skills in “making a career”, but your verbal aptitude and introvert personality can definitely help you in “starting a career”. Being introvert is nothing wrong, you can still manage to learn certain skill which would make you manage extrovert trait and go back to work at individual work setting for certain period, which would help you to balance your trait. Some such career options that can be explored for this aptitude personality combination are network manager, public relation mannager, digital marketing, teaching, any kind of analytic profile, individual one-to-one sales jobs like travel tourism or insurance or B2B etc, indirect marketing, among many others.


This insight and knowledge about your aptitude and personality can be gained through an aptitude test and personality test. However, taking an aptitude and personality assessment as a stand alone might tell you what you true capability is, but in order to correlate it with the right career or the right course, you will need the help of a good career counselor. For only a career counselor will know the insight of all careers and will be able to successfully and easily correlate your aptitudes and personalities with the requirements of a particular career and help you to craft a robust planning.


(b) Robust Planning


In order to do anything successfully in life, it is important to make a plan for it. When building a house, an architect prepares a blueprint; when starting a business, a businessman prepares business plan; when going for a holiday, one plans their itinerary. Similarly, when starting a career, it is important to do robust planning. And it all begins from choosing the right stream in class 11.


For example: if you want to become an animator, then you need to choose the right stream, then right course, and then right training.


(c) Be aware


Many good careers have ups and downs. To keep oneself motivated, one needs to know beforehand about the ins and outs of that career. So it is important that one takes apt, adequate and sufficient information related to that career. Explore the information and talk to experts in the field.


(d) Know the market reality


Lots of careers are newly named. New courses have been designed in the recent few years and old courses have been revised and restructured. But this doesn't mean that traditional courses are not prevalent any more. So it is important that you know what is it that the course offers and how well it fits in the overall career plan.


What Exactly is a RIGHT CAREER?


Any career can be the right career, you have to focus on which is the right career “for you”.


A right career, in essence, is one where your capabilities get utilized to the maximum, which is in sync with your aptitudes and personality, and which leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day for the work that you have done.


Apart from this, the right career should offer you a decent enough pay check to help you sustain yourself through your every day requirements.


And last but not the least, though the right career contributes to your own individual growth to the maximum, but the right career should also allow for you to be able to contribute in some way or the other to society as well.


All in all, a career which offers you an opportunity to exploit your talents, individual growth, offers good salary, and allows the scope to contribute to society as well is the RIGHT career.


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