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Right course / career selection at the right time is crucial for having a right start to your career. There are many ways that people adopt while doing their career planning. While a lot of students and their parents still feel that getting information about various different courses and colleges is good enough for them to plan their career, they can’t be more wrong. Taking a good Career Test is the actually the first step that a students should take while planning for their careers. The question comes, what is exactly this Career Test? Well, a Career Test is actually a psychometric test that maps the individual’s Inherent Strength Pattern. Usually at the school level, this inherent strength or talent can be mapped in terms of ones’ Aptitudes, Personality and Interests. While at college level and beyond, it is generally the skill profile and the personality profile of the individual that matters the most.


Online Career Test


These days, one can take Online Career test to find ones’ Inherent Strength pattern. Infact, MapMyTalent’s online MyTalent assessment is a very good and comprehensive Career Test that one can take. This Career Test is available in three different versions, MyTalent – Junior , is meant for school students studying in class IX till XII. This Career Test is actually a common test that includes an Aptitude Test, a Personality Test and an Interest Test. This test also includes a Parental feedback section, which maps the aspirations of the parents when it comes to the Right Career Choice for their kids.


Similarly there is MyTalent – Senior , this Career Test is meant for college students who are in graduation or post graduation. This Career Test  essentially maps the individuals Skill profile and Personality profile. Then there is MyTalent – Pro, this Career Test is meant for the working professionals who need career guidance and help. All these comprehensive career tests have been developed by the experts in the field of psychometrics and behavioural sciences after analyzing and assessing  more than 29000 students.

Comprehensive online career test at MapMyTalent provides a great support to students to help them choose best course / career. 


MapMyTalent's unique Online Career Guidance


MapMyTalent's unique online career guidance and assessment program is the one in which tested and proprietary psychometric tools and methodologies are used to unravel the real talents and skills in young teenager. The career test helps recognize the "right" career fit for students and then provides counseling to help them achieve their “right” fit career.


Importance of Online Career Guidance

Choosing the right career or course now have become much easier and accessible for all the students with the advent of online career guidance. The professional life of a student depends on the career choice and the course choice made by them during the transition years of their life.

Online Career guidance is very important at this transition phase because it allows the students to take online assessment and it's analysis and reports helps them in making their decisions with much more ease and after being well informed.

There is no denying the fact that one’s aptitude, personality and interest is very crucial from the perspective of choosing a career.

An online career assessment done after weighing in the aptitude, personality and interests of the student, along with an understanding of the economic background of the student, and then relating it to the market reality leads to a more informed and correct career decision. This is precisely why the role of a career counselor is extremely important in this modern age.


Online Career Counselling at MapMyTalent

MapMyTalent's online career guidance program assists the students in the age bracket of 14 to 24 years. The online career guidance is based on a scientifically developed and simple career test that analyzes the aptitude, personality and interests of the student. Based on the career assessment, the students are provided career guidance in terms of comprehensive career reports and telephonic career counselling to help them make the right academic and career decisions.


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