Why take Aptitude Test ?


To understand why we should take Aptitude Test we must understand what aptitudes are. Aptitude, or inherent talent, helps a person to learn to do a particular task easily and quickly.


To be specific, one is born with these potentials and it gets reflected because of a person’s early development and experience. Development of aptitude has got nothing to do with one’s knowledge, interest, education or the culture that one belongs to.


While knowledge and skills can be continued to be acquired all throughout one’s life, aptitude, however, is concretized by the age of 14 and it doesn't alter further with age or education.


The common connotations that are often used for gifted people include “great singer”, “born scientist”, “math wizard” etc. What this actually means is that the person has acquired these labels / positions effortlessly, indicating their inherent aptitude for such tasks.


The best thing about aptitude is that a person might not have diverse combinations of aptitude, but each person definitely has at least single aptitude combination which helps in delivering a great performance in a particular task.


Though we have learned that aptitude cannot be changed, however, we might have interests that keep changing from time to time. In that scenario, that is, when aptitude and interest do not match, either we should choose the task that matches one’s aptitude, which is an ideal situation which would help us to achieve success easily and quickly; or, if we know that we lack certain aptitude which is needed to do well in our career of interest, we can develop certain skills to support our success. In both the cases, you need to know your inherent strength.

Aptitude versus Skills, Knowledge & Attitude

A skill is an ability of a person to do a task in the most efficient and effective manner which can be acquired through education, experience, knowledge, training, and repeatedly working on a particular task.


Skills can be of different kinds, for example: Labor skills, Life skills, People skills, and Social skills.


Knowledge on the other hand refers to how much understanding a person has on a particular subject. Knowledge is different from skills in the sense that while knowledge is limited to understanding of a given concept or task, skill on the other hand is the expertise a person has in that task. A person may be knowledgeable, but it’s not necessary that the given knowledge will translate into skills as well. ‘To be skilled’ means to have expertise in doing a task in the most efficient and effective manner, only when it matches to the inherent potential.


Attitude is much different than aptitude, skills and knowledge as a whole. Attitude refers to a favor or disfavor a person has towards something or someone. Although, attitude is the topping which is very essential if one has to achieve success, but, aptitude is the main component of success.


Types of Aptitude

Psychologists have stated that there are 7 different types of aptitudes, vis-à-vis, Mechanical, Numerical, Abstract, Linguistic, Spatial, Operational and Verbal.


Mechanical Aptitude: It is the inherent ability to understand the function of machines and how to operate it. With Mechanical Aptitude, one would find easy to work with machines and different types of tools. This aptitude is a must requirement for science related careers.


Numerical Aptitude: It is the inherent ability to understand and apply arithmetic. If a person has an extraordinary numerical aptitude, he / she can probably calculate faster than a calculator / computer.


Abstract Aptitude: Refers to a person’s inherent logical general intelligence. With Abstract Aptitude, one would have an innate general intelligence to think and reason.


Linguist Aptitude: Refers to the inherent ability of a person to learn and express in different language.


Spatial Aptitude: It is the inherent ability with which one would find it easy to imagine and visualize things and objects in three dimensions.


Operational Aptitude: With Operations Aptitude, one would have the ability to perform the task systematically.


Verbal Aptitude: It is an inherent ability with which a person can express logically both in writing as well as verbally.


Reflection of Aptitudes

Aptitudes, as just described above are nothing but our in-born abilities and talents. These are there in us right from the time of our birth. However most of us cannot easily determine that which Aptitudes are there in us? This is particularly true for school going students. But, our Aptitudes do get reflected in our day to day life in a pretty clear manner. At MapMyTalent, it is our endeavor to help understand the prevalence of different Aptitudes in school students. There are many ways in which these Aptitudes get reflected in students. Here we will show how different Aptitudes get reflected in our life.


Reflection of Abstract Aptitude

As we had mentioned earlier, as well, Abstract Aptitude is the ability to come to logical and intelligent conclusion based on certain set information, that might be incomplete. So in the following video, it is shown that how this Abstract Aptitude gets reflected in a student's life.



What Is Aptitude Test?

The online aptitude test at Map My Talent is a scientifically designed aptitude test which uses the principles of behavioral science and applied psychology. The test has been designed by expert psychologists bringing in their years of experience combined with scientific principles.


The aptitude test questions have been designed in such a way that it can gauge the right kind aptitude of the individual and thereby counsel the person on the RIGHT course and career with the help of an in-depth and thorough online aptitude test report.


After having counseled over 30000 students, the career counselors at Map My Talent have devised an easy to understand, common and lucid report which will help parents and students to understand it on their own and thereby make an apt career decision.


Through the aptitude test online report, the person gets to understand what his / her inherent strengths are and what subjects / courses / career he / she will be naturally good at, thereby increasing his / her chances of success.


Why Should I Take Aptitude Test?

In a survey by Bupaworld it was revealed that over 80% people feel stressed because they are “career misfits”. Another study revealed that close to 65% college seniors want to change their choice of major. This is despite the fact that college education today costs more than Rs 5 lakhs per annum.


This explains the very basic reason as to why you should take an aptitude test. The online aptitude test at Map My Talent will help you understand what your inherent strengths and talents are, and accordingly, the career counselors will guide you to a course and career path that suits you best. The chances of your being happy and successful in a course and career are high if you have a natural aptitude for it.


Not only that, aptitude test also gives you confidence and clarity of the steps you should be taking to further your education and career. After taking this comprehensive map my talent aptitude test, one can become the master of their own decision and design their career step by step to meet the ultimate success.


Also, once you get into a career or take up a course which you enjoy, your stress levels will also go down, thereby leading you to live a more satisfied and content life.


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