Bachelor in Interior Design


Bachelor in Interior Design is one course which is very popular among students. Perhaps the prospects of designing a new home or to provide swanky new interiors to an office attract many young girls. This filed is very close to architecture and professionals have to keep a watch on new trends at the same time keeping a tab on socio and economic status of the client.

These skills to do well in this career can be honed well if students have the right aptitude and personality for this career. Understanding of three dimensional space, good color perception and creativity and artistic personality is the right fit.

The Bachelor in Interior design course is structured to provide practical training and focuses on developing the individual style of the student.

Here is the brief outline of the Bachelor in Interior design course offered by VastuKala Academy, New Delhi

a.      Theory and Design of Basic Skills

Fundamental vocabulary and understanding concepts of composition, harmony, balance, rhythm, proportions etc. in historical and modern perspective.

b.      Technical Representation Drawing

•Introduction to drafting tools and drawing medium


•bject drawings and techniques of rendering

•Orthographic view sketching

•Colour, colour schemes, and its impact on human psychology

c.       Design

The fundamental principles of design applied to planning of residential, public and commercial spaces.

d. Basic Services

•Introduction to technologies

•climate & environmental control

•sanitation & water supply

•electrical systems

e. History of Interiors

History of Interiors through ages, historical styles, patterns Indian context, Guptas, Mauryas,

Rajputs, Marathas, Deccan world context, post-Industrial Revolution, modern movements, etc.

f. Building Construction

Introduction to materials and construction techniques of Interior elements. Study the available modern construction materials and techniques and critically examine their properties and their use to suit a particular situation. The aim is to combine basic technical knowledge of materials with creative use of building skills and construction techniques with emphasis on traditional materials, method of construction and new technologies. Modern materials and their uses would be learnt selectively.

g. Furniture Introduction to basic understanding of furniture type, systems and criteria for selection and role of fabrics in Interiors.

h. Lighting in Interior

Study the lighting designs and planning criteria for lighting systems in interiors.

i. Art Objects

The role of art and craft objects in Interiors.

j. Computer aided drawings

introduction to computer fundamentals. 2D and 3D drafting.



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