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This video tells us about the career confusion that our school students and college students go through. It tells about the process that MapMyTalent follows to help the students clear this career confusion. The students have to take our MyTalent Assessment, which is actually a combination of Aptitude Test and Personality Test  and Interest Test. Once the students take this online career test then it is processed and the our career counselors analyze the test and produce comprehensive reports giving recommended careers / course choice to the students. There are separate assessments that are used for school students and the college students.

Science behind MapMyTalent

Why Aptitude Personality And Interests Are Required To Be Mapped Assessments Developed in Western Countries Should Not Be Used In Indian Context Why Situation Based Aptitude Test Is Better
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MapMyTalent has been tested and the reliability has been worked out on the Indian children, that too, on a particular ag...See More A test which is not having any reliability quotient or validity should not be used. It is unethical. A professional psyc...See More This requires a lot of awareness and education of the parents. Parents have to first give up the idea that I want my chi...See More
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Personality Development How to Improve Self Confidence Every Student is Unique and has got some TALENT Secret to CAREER SUCCESS
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