MapMyTalent Testimonials

The parents whose children took the MyTalent Assessment have this to say about the test and the website -

"The session was quite meaningful. Happy to see a structured approach & a logical method for advising kids on career for children. The concept is explained very well and is very convincing for parents to be able to look at options for child's career and make decisions accordingly. "

Geetanjali Wadia Gurgaon, Mother of Upasna Wadi ( Student Mayo College Girls School)


"Have tried many psychometric tests but only which made sense was MapMyTalent. The counsellor Dr Anubhuti is amazing and gives direction to confused kids and confused parents. "

Dr Noopur Anand, Faculty NIFT Delhi, Parent of Sidhaant and Shubhangi Scottish High School, Gurgaon


"Very knowledgeable and mature interaction with Dr Anubhuti. She came across as eminently positioned to handle our concerns and showed the right direction. Thank You ! "

Faisal and Shahbano Saiyyed


"Map my talent is an excellent organisation which helps clear all your doubts, answer all your questions and map your career path. I have had the pleasure of interacting with Dr. Sehgal for consultation for my daughter. She answered all our questions and made things crystal clear. Kudos to you....Thanks so much for all your guidance"

Sangeeta Mobin, Parent of Alisha


"This has been my first experience in counselling and it has been far beyond my expectations. Thank you so much Dr Anubhuti, who has so patiently opened up and explained so many avenues and potentials for career of my daughter. "

Dr Shalini Baxi , Professor Kirori Mal College and Mother of Paripoorna, Class X student of Modern School Barakhamba.


"It was a wonderful experience and a eye opener. We enjoyed the counselling session with Dr Anubhuti and knowing about our son and his hiiden talents. We also learnt what is best for our son. Our best wishes in this Mapping the talent activity. "

Uma and Ajay Abrol , Father of Yash Abrol, DPS Faridabad


"The report is excellent. Good job. I will defenetely inform who are in need of this."

Sukumar Nair, Father of Aswathy K, Mount Caramel College


"It was great meeting Dr Anubhuti for career counselling of my daughter and son. She covered all aspects academics upto PG level and some part of parenting that we were lacking. Thank You. "

Kamal Mittal, Father of Dhruv Mittal and Krati Mittal, MD, MISOL and Mittal Electricals.


"It was absolutely fantastic interacting with Dr Anubhuti at MapMyTalent. The analysis of my daughters' inherent core strengths and problem areas helped us arrive at decision on her career path. Dr Anubhuti Also explained possible career paths that mapped her core strengths. She also analyzed why certain options may not be viable. The explanation and discussions with us and my daughter was very fruitful and useful. I wish I had visited earlier. "

Dr A K Darpe, Associate Professor IIT Delhi.


"We had a very comprehensive and meaningful discussion with Dr Anubhuti. It was very helpful and great was that she had precise information to share. I go back content and enlightened with the results and feedback. Thanx a lot."

Mrs Ruchi Gupta, Parent of Sidhant and Vedant, Suncity World school, Gurgaon.


"Counselling Session was very informative. I am fully satisfied and have got answers to all my questions. "

Gita Bhatia , Parent of Vandana Bhatia, Student DPS Amritsar.


"Counselling Session was very good. I enjoyed the way you were suggesting the various suitable careers. "

Seema Randhawa, Parent of Nimrat Randhawa and Teacher DPS Amritsar.


"" This is a really very amazing tasks for students who are confused related to their careers .. thank you " "

Surinder Kaur , Mother of Student at DPS Amritsar


"My son was not serious about his studies. He was thinking of different subjects for himself and I had different different subjects in mind. So we needed a third party validation as to what is the right career / subjects to convince him to take the right path. We basically just wanted to understand what subjects he should take in class 11 and also, so that he becomes serious about what he must do in life. and gets a focus. What I liked was that the test had a lot of questions. There was deep probing. The results confirmed the right career for my son."

Mother of Brian Noronha,

Class 9 student, H.F.S. School, Mumbai

"My Talent Program has increased the overall awareness about newer and different career options. My Talent program scientifically identified my child’s aptitude, Personality and Interest. "

Uppi Dewan,

Parent of student at APS Ambala

"My Talent program scientifically identified my child’s aptitude, Personality and Interest. My Talent program is a very good way to provide career guidance to our children. This kind of program should be conducted in all schools.I recommend My Talent Program to all the parents."

Colonel Manoj Lohani,

Father of student at APS Ambala

"Not only through net face to face interaction is required it parents wish to wards child's career"


Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"I think decision making the main problam of the students so they should be more focussed for the same"

Narendra thakkar,

Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"Following work with psychologist is essental for the career decision"


Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"Detailed analysis and explanation of apptitude parameters was helpful. "

Megha shah,

Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"Very good & supportive. "

Bijal J.shah,

Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"For IX,X,Xi Std the program should be there every 6 months. "

Sunil samel,

Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"Very very informative . got to know about inherent talent from the aptitute test .very helping way to decide the child's career. Will make maximam benetits of such systam"

Bharatraj shah,

Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"A very good knowledgable and interactive session"

Archana jignesh shah,

Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"Very well organized pesentation we are impressed with the reports"

Snehal bhatt,

Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"My talent pogram is a good way to make students get to their career with planning and enjoy their future"

Kathan Sonor,

Parent of student at APS Kirkee (Pune)

"The Mapmytalent session was excellent and added to our total concepts. We hope to yield better after this session. Will recommend the program to all the parents."

Mr Kamal Chawla,

Pharmaceutical Businessman (Father of student at APS Ambala)