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Career counselling in Bangalore is something that has been happening the traditional way for far too long. Traditionally career counselors acted as information providers to the student. It was about knowing more options or different courses and careers . However, in this information age, information per-se is not the key. In fact, the right Career Counselling is now more about helping the student understand his/her strength or talent profile and then guiding them on the path that is most suited to the student. This is so because it has been proven that if one operates in those areas or fields where one is able to put his/her strengths to use, then the individual gets a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment, thus ensuring an extraordinary performance and eventually extraordinary rewards. So the first step is to find ones' INHERENT STRENGTHS or TALENTS. The question is how to find these? The answer is through Online Career Assessment Test After the assessment one can career recommendation reports with stream suggestions for younger students and get telephonic/ Skype based career guidance from our expert Dr Anubhuti Sehgal. Read Reviews and know more about her Click Here


Online Career Assessment Test

Online Career Assessment using standardized and reliable psychometric instruments is the most important step in any Career Counselling exercise. This assessment being online can be taken from anywhere. Of course, as the assessment in question is psychometric in nature hence it is important to find about those who are behind these online sites. It is very essential that the people behind the site have very good exposure in the field of psychometrics. MapMyTalent offers a very valid and standardized Online Talent Assessment instrument that has been prepared by very eminent and experienced psychometricians. The good thing is that this Online assessment can be taken from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home, the only requirement is that you should have internet connection. So even if you are looking for career counselors in Bangalore, the best best for you would be that you take the online aptitude assessment from a website which offers reliable and standardized psychometric assessment and go for a phone counselling session with the experts.


What After Online Career Assessment

So whether you are seeking career counselling in Bangalore, or in any other part of India, you just have to log on to MapMyTalent site and take an online Talent assessment to help you find your Inherent Talent profile. Once you have taken the assessment, then it is processed by an expert career counsellor, who would see your talent profile and match that with those courses or fields where you can best utilize these Talents. We at MapMyTalent, use the online assessment that not just maps the Talent profile of the student but also captures a lot of other important qualitative information about the student. So the entire process of personal one-on-one interaction between the student and the counsellor is done through online assessment. With all the assessment information, it becomes quite easy for the Expert Career Counsellor to list down the BEST FIT career path for that particular student.


So, whether you are seeking career counseling in Bangalore or somewhere else, all that you need to do is to take MapMyTalent's online career assessment program from the comfort of your homes and get career counselling from the best career expert. Further, MapMyTalent provides telephonic / Skype counseling sessions to the student after they take their online Career Assessment.


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