My Talent Sample Comprehensive Report


MECHANICALAPTITUDE : With Mechanical Aptitude, one would find easy to work with machines and different types of hand tools.

SPATIALAPTITUDE: With Spatial Aptitude, one would find it easy to imagine and visualize things and objects in three dimensions.

ABSTRACTAPTITUDE: With Abstract Aptitude, one would have an innate general intelligence to think in a logical manner.

Verbal Aptitude : With Verbal Aptitude, one would find it easy to understand when some other person is talking or communicating.

linguistic Aptitude : With Linguistic Aptitude, one would find it quite easy to learn new and different languages and also use the language correctly.

Numerical Aptitude : With Numerical Aptitude, one would find it easy to do numerical calculations. Many a times, one would do the calculations in ones' mind itself.

operations aptitude : With Operations Aptitude, one would have the ability to correctly understand the task or the work and then methodically and systematically accomplish that work.

Achievement oriented : This refers to the trait, by virtue of which, there is a constant striving in a person to achieve more.

Adventurous : This is a trait, by virtue of which, a person constantly seeks excitement and undertakes risk.

Aggresion : This is a trait, which refers to violent behavior in a person. Persons with this trait, often react very violently.

Alert : This trait refers to the high attentiveness in an individual. Nothing escapes his / her attention and any sensory stimuli, whether auditory, visual or tactile alerts him / her and he is ready to respond.

Analytical : This trait refers to the tendency in a person to understand a problem in depth, analyze it from all perspectives, gather data if necessary on the same issue and then come to a conclusion regarding the issue.

Artistic : This trait refers to the innate artistic qualities within a person. Such a person has an aesthetic sense and looks at any seemingly uninteresting matter with an artistic meaning attached.