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What is future scope of studying geography? What are the prospects?

Liya Sharan

Career Scope in Geography after Graduation and Post graduation are in the fields of Teaching, research,
Remote Sensing and GIS or Geographic Information System. Best institutes for courses in geography includes
Delhi University, Lovely Professional University, Pondicheri University etc.


I love to get the more important human talent scripts. The history is most important to get geography websites list. Everything would be reported for all of them to share these perfect concepts.


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Well personally, I believe Geography is FAR easier. However, looking at your A Level combination, I would recommend taking History, since currently you have no essay
leather blazer based subjects and having a mixture of essay-based and scientific/mathematical subjects is a major advantage


The knowledge of geography has a hidden future. Students who have chosen the specialty of geography at the university need to study very hard. Geography is very closely connected with ecology, which needs new minds. Students are better off doing homework on their own, and not using essay writing service

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Nowdays as things are changing online teaching is the new way of learning and I think it will better to learn history and geography easily online than it was way back in our schools also as online learning is the new way UPSC preparations have also gone online so to get daily dose of Current affairs and live leaderboard quizzez come to
The IQ Hub

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