Rajat Shukla

Can i pursue fashion designing course in Agra? Are there any good institutes here?

Manan S

Hey Fashion Designing can be pursued after Science (PCM) na? I would be opting for PCM that's what mapmytalent also tell me but I want the option of fashion designing open for me


i can do fashion designing after opting for humanities even right??


Fashion designing can be done by any stream (sci , commerce. hum.)
but you have to have a good taste in fashion, have original creativity, and you should know how to present your designs through sketches.

Rhea Gomez

Communication Design should be pursued from NIFD or NID ??? Puleeezzzzz Help

Anindya Ghosh

What are the packages that Fresh Pass-outs from NIFD get??


hey" can a fashion designer can also do jewelry designing equally and it has any benifits


Fashion designing is the best career prospect after the onset of modernism. Doing from good university that provides not only vocal and verbose knowledge but also provide a space for practical and designing own artifacts is the most important thing.. Lovely professional university and amity university both provide the best designing elements........

Liya Sharan

BSc interior designing is available for the students qualified 12th exam with descent score in any stream.
So PCB students, commerce students, humanities students- aall can apply for the course. You may get
direct admission based on your 12th score. Some ofthe institutes are conducting university level tests for
admission and scholarships. Best institutes to pursue this course are National Institute of Fashion
Designing, Pearl Academy, Lovely Professional University, Zee institute etc.

Ritika Bhardwaj

Yes fashion design is very good course, considered as one of the best paying industry today, a career in Fashion Design has become famous among creative minds. Popularly conceived as a glamorous field, the domain has cut-throat competition and vast challenges as well. The fashion designers have varied options including designing, research, cloth production, textile designing, etc. They may join fashion houses/manufacturing/export units for a paid job or launch their own label in market. There is wide scope of Fashion Design in India as well as abroad. The horizon of Fashion Design is not limited to garments only; it covers several other aspects like accessories, jewelry, footwear, etc.
list of few colleges that are doing good in fashion: National Institue of Design, Delhi, Lovely Professional Universtity, Jalandhar,
Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur.


Nowadays fashion becomes an important part whereas India is the most traditional country with the importance of clothes and accessories. It is known for its attire as every tribe has their own special attire that makes them different from others. The wholesale ladies wear shop in Nagpur has the great range of apparels with the affordable price. it having the collection from western to traditional.

Deepshika Jehangir

Fashion is kind of important in India especially. The trends keep changing every other day.
For example, a few years ago there were barely a few types of traditional saree that were available and now if you look at the industry there are almost a hundred different types.
Sarees were worn only for traditional and formal occasions in India and now it has become multipurpose wear. You can see girls wearing it at parties.
India's culture as a whole has grown to a great extent and I think all the credit goes to fashion designers.
The career has a lot of prospects right now and as far as I know, as long as people wear clothes, the fashion designing industry is an evergreen industry.


Our marvelous british spelling can display you many fashion peculiarities pretty much in detail. You can choose exactly the subject and topic you need as regards fashion news, styles, manners and so on.


Fashion design is not just about creative drawing. He had bestessay.org for years. There are a lot of things that are going to succeed in developing good fashion designers. This forum addresses all such questions as how to be a fashion designer, whether you want to be a good dress designer, what is your career prospects, who can ask for help, where to find the answers, and more. too much.


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Max Thomas

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muneer ahmed

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Joe Emma

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Giulia jones

I'm not very secure with what U.C's offer style plan yet I do there's a ton of incredible forte schools like the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA who have practical experience in the style configuration field! Veteran Ranger Fallout Coat There's a great deal of advantages associated with going to a forte school like FIDM versus a U.C. that the vast majority don't consider.


The post is great. The content explores fashion designing. Fashion design is the skill of making garments and accessories. As a skillful art, fashion design is tangled with the culture of the country or the places a person lives in. professional fashion designers make clothing based on customer demand, expectations, and trends of the society. Fashion designing explores the creative vision of a designer and customers' response to those designs, steering in new trends.

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hannah berry

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John lewis

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