Kshitij Khatri

I am very passionate about cricket but I can't play coz I get tired very easily and have very less stamina. What can I do to increase my stamina?
Also, other than playing cricket, is there any other career which is based on cricket?

Lucky Singh

Sab fixing ka game he... cricket bolo ya fixing... 1 hi baat he!


Hi friends,
I need advice about Cricket Career. I'm 22 year old and studying B-tech in Kerala. I'm very interested in Playing Cricket. I also member of college cricket team and played many practice matches and tournaments in Kerala.I also an A-division player of Kollam cricket league and my club name is RUBY cc.
Also I'm a right hand batsmen and Medium pace Bowler.
I want to become a professional Player and continue playing cricket.

What is the procedure for getting selected at least in state team? Please help me.....


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