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Who was the first person to open up the human body? How did he do it? They didn't have advanced medical equipment at that time no?


Andreas was born on 15 December 1514 in a medical family in Brussels. In the late afternoon he received the French name Andre Vitik von Wesell. His father, Andrés Van Vesel, joined the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I and Austrian Margaret's daughter. After his father's house, at the end of a hollow land, Cullen rises to Perk

In his childhood, an emerging scientist had the opportunity to see a guard and a skeleton cleansed by birds. He realized he was back home with him, and this interest was found to call him. At the age of 14, he studied one of four syllabuses at the University of Leu, where he studied arts and medicine in 1530.

Nevertheless, Roman activity was thought to be deformed by humans, and only pig, monkeys and other animals acted. This led to the development of false doctrines. Whatever the case, Aristotle or Cullen contradicts the doctrine.

He had been studying medicine for three years in Paris at medical college near Kipping, Maboon. His teachings are calendar or Arabic-based books. During this period, Vesalius began to begin an interest in the anatomy.

Create and organize teaching on anatomy in the inner room. Vesalius, anatomical, is nothing more than a logical precision, but a science. By insisting on touch sensitivity and vision, Vesalius implemented new methods to understand the human body.

Vasilyis urgently urgently urged his students to hastily urgently and expelled from the body. These direct observations were based on his work. He personally drew many extensive anatomical representations and extraordinary accuracy of artists
The value of the most elaborate and complex engravings and the artists who created them may perhaps be for that theme,

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