Manan S

Is is good to go for B.Pharm or Physiotherapy? Which has more scope. I think B.Pharm guys can go into pharma marketing also.

Liya Sharan

Hai Manan.. B.Pharm is giving job positions as Pharmacist and in Pharmaceutical companies. While
physiotherapy will help you to find jobs like consultant and physician in hospitals, training centers, physiotherapy
and rehabilittion centres, fitness cennteres etc. You may can also work as a sports specialists. Famous
institutes for courses like B,Pharm and B.Arch are jamia Hamdard, Bundelkhand university, Lovely
Professional University etc. You can also participate in placement drives conducted by the universities and to
get placed in good companies.

Mukul Sharad

I am collecting the related sports and fitness details in online. My friend sharing the sum of courses and training center for my mail box. It is given the good assistance and drives for me. I have completed my degree course and i am searching the best job for me. Online coaching is available for the all students to getting the good job for your field. I am collecting some of fresher's jobs for the websites. Some of companies are given the job opportunities and special feature also. I have got some of fitness course in online. I am applying jobs with good way. I need to know the GST rates for pharmacy products.
I have decided to start the medical center in my city. I am using only famous things. I need the good companies list and vacancies in my mail box. I am getting the marketing job. But i am not interested for that. My father to force me to join that job. It is not suitable for me. I am reading the reviews and related discussions from online. I am finding the courses that related about the GST. I have got interest to know about the GST provisions and rates. My friend is sharing the documents and reference course about that. It is very useful for me.
I like that job and my friend is given some of materials for attending the interview also. I need your reviews and thoughts about that job. I can get the score in the exams. I need other study course here. I am very interest to study as further. Please help me friend for getting the training and continue my study. i am collecting list of companies to getting job in India. But i need my field of work. I have get some of GST news in online for medical related products.


They work in health care groups to make the social insurance system function by giving a scope of symptomatic, specialized, remedial and direct patient consideration and bolster benefits that are basic to the next wellbeing experts they work with and the patients they serve. buy an assignment uk


Normally, a pharmacist will earn more money than a physiotherapist for the first few years after graduation. Pharmacy is also a more stable career and jobs are guaranteed pretty much.


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Alma Ware

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