Manan S

Am preparing hard for NTSE exams ... but what the heck does it really help?

Srinivasan N

Hey Manan ... while there is no particular benefit that you'd get if you manage the scholarship but it would be a good badge to flaunt till you complete your studies.

Suresh Krishna

Most of the parents and students take Olympiad exams as a burden or an addition to the routine studies. But if one make practice then can surely won. The aim of a good Olympiad exam is to provide a unique competitive platform through and identify the young geniuses and create a talent pool for the future. Olympiads are not just only the exams they do a lot more to bring out the best in a child. Trying for and giving Olympiads motivates students to strive for better. A rank in the Olympiad develop a sense of confidence in the students and their parents. These also help parents identifying the talent of their child. Olympiads help School students to test their understanding, level of knowledge and power of reasoning.



Most parents and students take the Olympiad exams as a burden or a supplement to regular classes. But if you do one practice, you can definitely win. I wrote about The goal of a good exam for the Olympics is to create a unique competitive platform by identifying young geniuses and creating a pool of talent for the future. Olympiads are not just exams that they do much more to bring out the best in a child.


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