Rhea Gomez

Any idea about the journalism course at ndtv??


You have to express your talent through blogs and research, Mostly because your talent is hidden unless shown. Go through the NDTV sites and participate in contests and all. Get some sources in the anchoring business. You might not be able to get a job in that particular show but, try your luck cause there is much more

Srinivasan N

If someone wants to become Yoga expert, then what does one study? I think yoga therapist is good.

Devik Aggarwal

Hey, my sister did her BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from UTM-Shillong. She always gives credit to her faculty and college for her position today. As, today she is placed in a very good news Channel with very good pay.

Liya Sharan

For a career in Yoga, go for Bachelors in Yoga or in Physical education in universities like IP university,
Lovely Professional University, ViswaBharati university etc. Yoga is good for building a successful career
in this new era.


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