Manan S

What Yaar, when will the silly projects end. My physics sir has handed another project ... I just wanna @#$%

Pratyush Kumar

what the hell is wrong with these teachers??? wat was CCE meant for and wat are they doing? they give us stupid projects which dont make any difference or increase our talentand knowledge

Danish Saifi

u r right Pratyush Kumar. they give us useless projects........

Arpita Singh

Projects would be more useful if they'd be taught to us practically.
Copying stuffs from the wikipedia and getting the images printed won't polish your mind.
I got a project of maths which was supposed to be of grade 11. My teacher never even taught what she gave us to make!


Projects should be practical..related to practical world to which we are hardly get exposed till we complete our Bachlors! Indian education is only about theorotical studies..the main challenge is when we want to go abroad for further studues. Projects should be Industrial visits, giving report about it. Then like interviewing people, interacting with them and all! That is wat projects are...not just print out from wikipedua and scribble that on paper with stickers and submit it!


I have no idea about doing lousey Maths project...! anybody interested..??!!!??

Ranbir Singh Kang

This is just crazy ... when will the projects end ... i just don't know where is the learning ??

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