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I have heard ragging in medical colleges is pretty bad... what is the way to avoid ragging... and what is the punishment for it?


nowadays,.. ragging is almost banned honey...!!!
but, it's still there in medical collage, so in case one suffer through this, he/she could simply call this helpline no. :1800-180-5522


How do I know what my GSTIN number is?

The GST Identification Number or GSTN should have a unique identification number under GST. This is the TIN number provided under the state VAT system or service tax registration number assigned by the CBEC.The GST Identification Number is a unique state-wise 15-digit PAN-based number for each taxpayer.

The first two digits of GSTIN represent the state code for specific taxpayers according to Indian accounting. Each state has a unique two-digit code under GST.
The next 10 digits is the PAN number of the tax payer.
The next digit (thirteen number) refers to a multinational company (taxpayer) in the same style state.
Fourteen digits are always a 'Z'.
Last digits are a test code used to detect errors. This is a number or a character.
To learn more about GSTIN, you can download the GST Android App from your Play Store on your Smartphone and get the immediate solution for any queries.
Recently the Department restricted 123GST.COM, now the option to know or explore the PAN or other details of your GSTIN is now disappeared.
You can get a GSTIN number by signing in to 123GST.COM by entering your login credentials.
Verify the email address you have registered with any other.

There are several ways to check your GSTIN:
Please check the registered email ID. You must have a mail from the GST port when you register on the Internet.Sign in to your GST account if you have the credentials. On the left side of the dashboard, GSTIN is specified. REG-06 .You can open the website 123GST.COM and go to the search payer for the tab. Enter your temporary ID or your PAN, and you can see GSTIN.You will have a temporary number and password for your registration email in the business tax department. SEE MORE : https://123gst.com

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Luckily I have never experienced ragging so I know nothing about it. Though I did once read an experience about it, you can
click here to read that blog. It was an interesting blog but the content in it was very sad actually.