Anindya Ghosh

Hey, I trained for vocal till my class VI in Kolkata and since then we moved to mumbai and have been practicing on and off, I want to learn tabla now. Is there a decent place near kurla, mumbai?

Srinivasan N

I think you should go through the manual first.

Anindya Ghosh

Yo ... d rocking band of taksila academy is born :)

Prabal Bora

Do you guys think rap and rock could have a good future in our country?
I mean, most people act like they desperately hate headbangers and "guys-who-talk-with-music-instead-of-singing".

Angel Shivani

yeah rap n rock ll son rock in india too , cz u can see nw a days lot of bands prefer rock n english music , n nw a days nearly 80% songs r made wid small raps in dem

Anindya Ghosh

rap and sufi ... fushion ho to aisa ho ... my teacher and I are composing one :)

Liya Sharan

@Anjali.. Of Course. If you have the talent and interest in Music, you can definitely build a career in that
field. Annamalai university, Fergusson College, Lovely Professional University, Manipal university etc are
some of the good places to pursue your studies in Music. You can visit the websites for more info..
Best Wishes.


This is great That's a great website it really is what I was looking for thank you for sharing!
subway surfers


Singing is something that I love, and I would like to be a singer. I can get lease beats online to test out my music, and I think that will be terrific for me. What do you think about this, my friend? Help me out.

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