Rahul Arora

What is the difference between cbse and icse board?

Ranbir Singh Kang

Hey, how important is giving the X board exams? Does it really matter

Rhea Gomez

It is indeed a head ache yaar. I thought Boards would be a cake walk but it is irritating me now. What to do?

Rhea Gomez

My aunt is insisting me to change over to CBSE in XI, I think ICSE is fine. Does it really make a diff. anyways????

Anindya Ghosh

@Rhea ... Forget abt ur aunt ... do wht u feel is d best. personally i think it is d same.

Siddhant Sehgal

hey... CBSE is better than all boards I guess, its easier and ITS syllabus is followed by competitve exams.

Amandeep Singh Gour

Am confused if i should swap over my school from ICSE TO CBSE(X onwards) ?


CBSE board is easier than ISC board in 11 and 12.

Rhea Gomez

CBSE is easier than ISC in terms of language subjects but not in maths or science.

Anjala Nilofar

Heard so that icse board is gonna add more to the syllabus .....mainly in history!


CBSE or icse it depends how u devote ur time to it


in my view as a cbse student i would prefer cbse but in present it has been made tougher


it does'nt matter to which board u go for,,their is a slight difference in them but my opinion is to go with CBSE as it is a good base for the future coarse@..

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