Mansi Munjal

Nobody in my family has ever done business. They are all from service background. But I want to start my own b/s. But my parents are saying its too risky and that i should settle down with a job. what should i do?

Srinivasan N

Hey, is there serious business ideas germinating in our IIT's / NIT's or is it still a reserve for Harvard, Stanford, MIT etc.? Starting your own business is quite cool :)

Vyom Parashar

Hi Mansi, I can understand your problem.. as per me, if you are ready to take risk (means can you bounce back if flops) and you have a good business idea then definitely you should go for it. My sister is doing MBA in Business Analytics from UPES-Dehradun.. he chose to do a job... It is entirely your decision. Don't worry and take a decision with a steady mind..

Vyom Parashar

If you make up your mind to do a job.. then I would suggest you to choose a good field which has good scope in the future. Like my sister... you can also choose from N number of streams.. we shortlisted some for my sister, which are as follows-
MBA Aviation Management
MBA Business Analytics
MBA Energy Trading
MBA Infrastructure Management
MBA International Business
MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management
MBA Oil & Gas Management
MBA Port & Shipping Management.

Ankit Singh

Hi Vyom thanks for the information.. I checked the link you have mentioned.. I am now going to register for UPESMET (3) which will taking place on 9 and 10th of May this year..

Devik Aggarwal

Hi Vyom and Ankit, thanks for sharing this information.. I will surely attend the GDPI session this time. on 23rd May in Delhi.

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