Had mathematics in class 12th : Know your options

April 25, 2016,
Career options with mathematics

Good to know that you took mathematics in class 12th as this could turn out be a huge blessing in disguise.


Don’t think that mathematics is all about solving complex problems in class, mathematics can help you in many professions. Let me explain. Mathematics apart from being a very good subject opens up a lot of career options for you. Depending on whether you had mathematics with science subjects or commerce or humanities you can choose from a wide range of courses.


Mathematics students with science can choose from multiple disciplines in engineering and Architecture. Apart from helping you in the entrance, mathematics is part of curriculum and forms the base for many types of engineering like Computer science. Not interested in engineering but love physics…no worries you can go for B Sc Physics where mathematics is compulsory. Interested in chemistry, apart from pursuing B Sc Chemistry you can consider B Pharmacy as a option or can even try Forensic science. Male students with science and mathematics can apply for NDA and are eligible for Airforce and Navy as well. You can think about commercial pilot / Merchant Navy as a career option. Along with love for mathematics if you are analytical as well, you can try Business Analytics. One can also go for B Sc in mathematics / statistics and later go for interdisciplinary application areas. So whether it is Information Technology or Operations research or space sciences mathematics an take you far.


Commerce with mathematics students can think of Architecture through NATA and sought after options like Economics Hons / B Com Hons / B Statistics. Some reputed colleges like Delhi University have mathematics as eligibility criteria even for Business Management program. If finance / accountancy / financial services interest you, then also mathematics can be of big help. Advanced numerical skills aith data analytics can help in high paying jobs like actuary or investment banking. Market reaserch is another fild where mathematical, statistical and analytical skills are applied and could be a good option for you.


Had Humanities with mathematics …economics may be a good choice. You can opt for B Sc Economics or Business Economics and be a successful banker / economist in future.


If MBA interests you then also you will have advantage with mathematics as the entrance has substantial portion of quantitative ability. You can also opt for the conventional options like IAS or Indian Statistical Service, other government jobs where logical reasoning will be essential component and maths does help in building that. Teaching will also be a good option as in India where 13 lakh students write the engineering entrance every year there is always demand for good maths teachers.


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