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March 24, 2014,
Advertising career

Are full of ideas but not afraid of rejection? You are also a vivid reader and avid film watcher too. Wish to lead creative people? Are you? You can have bright career prospects if you think about Advertising as a career! But are you sure of these qualities and also know your best fit amongst career options in advertising like Copy writing, Art, Client Servicing and media buying department etc ?


Do you know the art director (known as the visualizer at junior levels) works with the copywriter to come up with the big idea? Then she/he takes the words written by the copywriter and decides on how to present it to the buyer. Copy writer translates the consumer psyche into words; ad film maker examines the script written by the copy writer and the art director and also contributes suggestions.Commercial Photographers and Illustrators work with the art director to give the ad its look and personality and to make it look appealing. The client servicing people generally have a marketing background sell the idea to the client. Once the ad is approved by the client the work of media buyers starts. These are the people who buy space in newspapers/magazines or buy airtime on television channels or radio channels for the ad agency's clients. Which one interests you most? Introspect…



How to start if you want to make advertising as a career?


If you are in schools and think that you have aptitude for Advertising as Career then concentrate on English, speech, language, and computer skills etc. In your free time read and watch ads and commercials, mentally evaluate them all the while. Look at the ads in magazines and try to analyze the reason behind the advertisement. Ask yourself questions about the advertisement.  Collect the ads that you like and make a scrapbook. Because once you are into the field, you never know when you have to go back to the scrapbook to see what kinds of ads have worked. Write as much as you can every day. You need to develop that flair for language in you to become a copywriter. If you get a chance visit art gallery, exhibition, attains workshop in your summer holidays. If you are a graduate hands on experience with good company would help you most.


To do well in some of the advertising career/s some technical expertise is also required. Art direction requires you to know about the latest design software. It also helps you if you know the technical aspects of photography and filming because you might be supervising production. Client servicing and media buying people have to learn the skills they need while doing the MBA. However, some knowledge of the creative process will always be a big help. Be ready for the lot of hard work, constant pressure to perform. It’s not a routine 9to5 job. You work late into the nights to complete your task. Be ready to work for days and nights together in the industry to sustain and taste success, where ‘yesterday’ was the day when you had to finish the job.


Your career generally starts as a trainee no matter which aspect of advertising you work in. Then you could work your way up the ladder. Some of the famous ad agencies are Mudra, Leo Bernett, FCBULKA, Lowe, Ogilvy & Mather (O&M), St.Lukes Communications, which have their branch offices all over India. You could apply to any of these if they have a setup in your city. Money tends to be good in advertising, but that depends strictly on talent. Ultimately you will be known as creative leader!!! So cheer up!!!



You can see whether you have the aptitude for various career options in Advertising by taking our Mapmytalent test. 




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